CARDINALS – 54, Cardinals – 23

Last Thursday, while the Super Fans were covering the last regular season game for the girls’ hockey team, the staff photographer, and his loyal road crew, were in Willmar covering the girls’ basketball game between the Cardinals.  The game was expected to be competitive – Willmar’s Cards gave us a tough game at home the first time.  But a competitive game never materialized.  After hitting an opening 3, Willmar only scored 6 more points the rest of the first half.  And then it sounded like the Alex Cards could have named the final score against the demoralized home team.

[“Hi, mutual Cards!”]

[“Really?  Kim Kardashian was in Willmar?”]

[Have you ever wondered what they say at these confabs?]

[“Did you get your Power Ball tickets?  $325 million!”]

[Kohler visits with the long-time Willmar coach, who is retiring at the end of the season.]

[All for one and one for all.]

[Cara is introduced.]

[ . . . then Whitney.]

[ . . . and Kalli.]

[“Yay for us!”]

[Was Amanda quick-jumped?]

[Kalli and Whitney]

[Dani says, “I see you, Mr. Photographer!”]

[Ms. Wood]

[Missy Schroeder, team manager]

[Assistant coach Kevin Engebretson]


[LT, number 43, led Willmar at the half.]

[Whitney was going for a two-handed slam down . . .]

[Amanda really has fun playin’ ball!]

[Kalli – has been playing very well since mask removal.]

[The unknown Cardinal.  Is it Dani?]

[LT’s advice?  Run really fast.]

[Cara lines up a freebie.]

[Karly, playing the top 1 of the 1-3-1.]

[Amanda C on the line.]

[“Breathe in, breathe out.” – Kalli]

[Jaylen, learning the wily defensive ways of the veterans.]

[Rachel Peterson]

And Whitney was player-of-the-game:

[From the Echo]

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