Alaska IX

June 26, 2008.  Ketchikan.  We’re heading for our last day in Alaska.

[It must have been dress-up dinner night.  By now I had put on so much weight I had to wear sweat pants with my coat and tie.]


[By now word had gotten out that several passengers were in the witness protection program and were threatening to blow the lid off the Braunschweiger scandal of 1948.  The U.S. Coast Guard came to investigate.]

[The Braunschweiger scandal was not something to be trifled with.  We had reason to believe a U.S. Navy nuclear destroyer, disguised as a cruise ship, was on our tail!

[Some sought asylum here, mistakenly believing Ketchikan was in Canada.]

[We went on a mini-cruise out of Ketchikan.]

[The world’s tallest totem pole!]

[Eagles, by the multitudes, fished from these trees.]

[They were waiting for the season opener.]

[As reported, July 13, 2008:  The area where “The Bridge to Nowhere” would have been built – from Ketchikan to Gravina Island (20 miles long, population about 50)!]

[Guard Island, which protects the Tongass Narrows (Ketchikan’s “main street”) – Ruthie and Rita joined its association, or whatever it was, as a preservation/conservation thing.  It wasn’t quite the same investment as a Facebook IPO purchase.]

[Have you noticed the waters here are never as rough as a normal day on Lake Darling?]

[The Biddies view from our tour boat.  Checking on their investment.]

[OMG, not another Kim Kardashian sighting?]

[Back to Ketchikan.  Next up – the long trip home.]

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