Alaska VII

June 24, 2008.  Skagway.

The first thing one does in Skagway is to get off your boat . . .

and get on the White Pass and Yukon Route train out of town.  The town fathers don’t want all these tourists – notice all the other big cruise ships in port – hanging around, clogging up their streets.  So, away we went – destination White Pass Summit, at 2,865 feet of elevation above Skagway, on the Canadian border.  Here’s the train ride:

[Up, up, and away!]


[Early settlers to the area climbed this treacherous route, carrying provisions purchased in Skagway, because they heard White Pass had really good theater.]

[There’s Skagway, and the ocean, far below us now.]

[Not a trip for the faint of heart – which would, incidentally, include me!]

[Late June, but we’ve hit the snow line.]

[There’s Canada.  Pretty nice trip, eh?  A stirring version of “O Canada” was sung by all.  Then we tried to figure out how we were going to get back down.]

[Ray braves the elements for a photo op.]

[Almost back to town, this is Gold Rush Cemetery.  A local legend with a strange sounding name is in there – I’ve since forgotten?]


[Time to peruse beautiful downtown Skagway.  For some, that meant shopping . . .]

[For others, that meant seeking a house of libations.]

[We initially compromised by seeing things historical.  Here’s an early White Pass theater buff.]

[Whatta backdrop!]

[Maybe it was Jeff Smith (strange sounding name?) buried in the cemetery?  More likely a competitor?  Oh yeah, his nickname was “Soapy.”  Maybe he was the settler who bathed?]

[Our token totem.]

[At last!  The Skagway Brewing Co.]

[Later, back aboard ship, modeling a new shirt from the above establishment! 🙂 ]

[Our final contribution to the local economy.]

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