Alaska VI

June 23, 2008.  It’s all about glaciers.  We’re off to College Fjord, and Glacier Bay by Skagway.  My kinda stuff.  I’ve never had the slightest interest in “cruising” the Caribbean, or any other place where the idea is to bake in the sun.  This is just incomparable natural beauty.  It’ll knock your socks off – so you may want to consider garters before you start.

[Checking where we’ve been.]

[Ray and Rita, beside themselves with excitement!]

[I know I am!]

[Ray, Rita, and Ruthie just catching some rays as we head for the ICE.]

[Here comes someone who will ultimately become, as the supervisor says, just another one of my “girlfriends.”]

[You’ll just have to wait until the end of this post.]

[Making for the glaciers.]

[The weather was fantastic – with just the amount of chill I prefer.]

[Glacier, dead ahead.]

[Rush hour in the fjord – another boat!]

[Ray & Bill]

[Bill’s scanning the shoreline for bears.]

[There’s the glacier – at the end of the fjord.]

[There’s a feathered creature on that iceberg.  The ship is so big, it’s really hard to establish perspective.  The body of water we’re in is huge.  When we saw bears on the shoreline, they were just dots.]

[Almost there . . .]

[Now we’ll park . . . and watch.]

[Let the “calving” begin!]

[I’m watching a glacier “calve!”  Woo-woo!]

[Bill & Anne]

July 1, 2008: Tom,
I haven’t seen a smile like that on Bill’s face for quite some time. That retirement thing seems to agree with him. I guess you’ve heard that Carl Poleskey is retiring next month.
My new boss is 32 years old. George Carlin has died. My world has been rocked!
~ Greg Noonan
Contractor Industrial Relations Specialist
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Office of the Chief Counsel

[The way out.]

[Our last calf – we requested naming rights.]

[Just like Lake Darling – and I believe the last time I was beardless.]

[So long to College Fjord.]

[Now entering Glacier Bay.]

[A lot tighter in here – you could “almost” reach out and touch the glacier.]

[“This really is some incredible stuff.”]

[The glacier]


[Leaving Glacier Bay.]

[Either a photo of the giant chess set, or the bikini model – this many years later, I really don’t recall.]

[Oh,  it was the background!]

Now, remember that small boat a while back bringing yet another of my “girlfriends?”  Well, here she is, as I wrote it at the time:

July 6, 2008:  Glacier Bay Park Ranger Adriana Cahill, shown here on the deck of the Sapphire Princess with a new “fan,” was the narrator for PBS’s program “Great Lodges of the National Parks,” about Glacier Bay Lodge, interestingly enough.

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