Alaska V

June 22, 2008.  Our state room, on the Sapphire Princess, with a nifty bottle of vino from our agent, the HQ.  Sapphire, incidentally, is my birthstone – and that meant absolutely nothing to the best of my recollection.

[The HQ, of recent vintage, with a grandaughter.]

There is a momentary lull in the Alexandria sports scene (the girls have a home hockey game tomorrow night), so back, by popular demand, is our 2008 Alaska cruise adventure, fabled in song and story!  But first, I have to ask you people – what is going on today?  For the first time ever, the blog has gone over 200 hits in a day – in fact, to 225, and the day is young (and I wish I was)?  Is it the Lauren Trumm Fan Club?  Whatever – thanks!  🙂

[This is where the magic happened.  No, seriously, every day a guy came in performed magic – turning an unsightly state room into this!]

[The view from our balcony.  You pay extra for this but then how many times are you going to make this trip.  Plus, when the natives paddle out to you in their canoes . . . wait, that’s a different venue.]

[There’s our train.]

[Well, there are balconies . . . and there are BALCONIES.  This was Beryl and Don’s – on the bow (naval talk for front) of the ship – a gathering place for the group.  If you’re traveling with a group, I would recommend that someone get one of these!]

[The view off the stern (naval for the back of the boat – we learned all this stuff with the Moby Obie).]

[Don, Howie, Crazy, Donna, and a hint of Beryl.  These folks look entirely too comfortable in this atmosphere – like it’s normal, or worse, expected!  Ha!]

[Having long left port (naval talk for port), we’re heading out into the Gulf of Alaska.]

[Again (and the following 2), views from our balcony.]

[Spectacular!  From here to Vancouver, the only place on the planet where you have 1,500 miles of continuous coastline with snow-capped mountains.]

[A party room at the stern.  Did I mention that the boat was pretty darn big?]

[It was a floating Mall of America.]

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