LT HITS 1,000!

[Photo by her proud dad, the staff photographer.]

We interrupt our Alaska cruise (as you may recall, we were about to enter the Big Boat, so we were about a third of the way through our adventure) to bring you Cardinal girls’ basketball.  The ladies have been on an extended four-game road trip – and after last night’s win over Brainerd, go on a six-game road trip!

We had a full contingent of Super Fans – I think everyone was aware that Lauren was approaching 1,000 points in her career.  Everyone, that is, except Lauren.  She needed 3 points coming into the game (all were glad she didn’t get those at Little Falls on Thursday), so I was in a quandary as to how I wanted to cover it.  I usually video the first 5 minutes of the game – if she scored during that time, I would have no still photos.  But first . . .

The team wore warm-up tee shirts in memory of Todd Schroeder, father of team manager, Missy.

[Kalli played her 2nd game without the mask.]

[Cara’s posture raises the anatomical question – why do women place their hands on their hips with thumbs forward?]

[The Little Falls game produced some shooting issues for the team.  So I thought I’d check out player mechanics during warm-ups.  Whitney displays proper follow through in consideration of windage and elevation.]

[Whitney’s fine when she doesn’t rush her shot.  She had time to set up a 3 late in the half and hit nothing but nylon.]

[LT is more of a mid-range shooter.  Her strength is a quick release without being rushed.]

Game opening video:

[Lauren assumes her game-long position, much to the chagrin of the opposition.]

[Missed it!  And I had the perfect angle.  LT just scored on a left-handed lay-up to bring her career total to 1,001 points.  Fortunately, her dad got it (further down the post).]

[Lauren had no idea what was going on when they stopped the game!]

[Who better than Luella Vendell would know?  Luella has been coming to Cardinal games for 60 years and proudly held up her “1,000” placard!  Oh, and LT’s teammates mobbed her on the floor.]

[The whole crowd knows!]

[As a guard at the back of the 1-3-1, Cara is regularly one of our leading rebounders now.]

[Boom, Dynamite – the supervisor’s favorite cheer! 🙂 ]

[LT played maybe another minute and finished with 28 points – everyone got to play and the starters love it when the young’uns come in and play well.]

[LT’s last stand.]

We have to admit we hoped the game would be decided by the end of the half so we could go see Lisa Lynn as SAWA.  But despite creating 22 turnovers, we were only ahead 25 – 15.  Somehow, they still score this game by the ball completing passage through the basket.  So, we stayed for the 2nd half, and Brainerd scored the first 4 points.  The rest of the game was the Cards, 39-7!  It’s really fun to watch them when we get on a roll like that.  We made it to SAWA in time for Lisa’s last 45 minutes – and then out of a sense of guilt, helped her load her equipment in her van when she was done.  It was snowing again by then.  When I awoke at the designated hour of 3:00 am (or somewhere in that vicinity), I noticed the staff photographer had already posted his photos from the Brainerd game, as well as those from the Little Falls game.  I wonder how late he worked last night?  The rest of the photos in this post are his.

[I have been able to determine the sound that comes out of a happy, smiling face is generally, “Aaaaaaaayyyyy!”]

[LT – “Aaaayyyy!”]

[Whitney – “Aaaayyy!”]

[Amanda C – “Aaaayyy!”]

[Amanda C – dunno, looks like a giggle?]






[“Hydrate, ladies!”]

[The job requires three, maybe four, hands.]

[“Coaches, too.  Drink up!”]

[Jack, dumpster diving?]

[As the game is about to begin, we’re moving on to a second posting, i.e., Part II.]

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