Four Amazing Kids

[And they were, in fact . . . AMAZING.  So amazing that they actually turned out to be five!]

And they were also joined by Spencer Brand, who was the grizzled veteran at 17-years of age (I believe) on drums and trumpet.  We had seen Lily and Brett perform before on several occasions; we had never seen Josie in person, though we had seen her on YouTube (she has one with over a MILLION hits!); and this was a first-timer for us with Adam . . . wow!  The kids put on a terrific show for two hours.  We did not see many empty seats in the 453-seat theatre.  Thanks must be expressed to Mikko, Annie, and Bruce for putting this together and to AAAA for hosting – as Bruce said as the emcee, let’s do this on a regular basis!

[ . . . the regular crowd shuffles in . . . I see Marlene.]

It was a concert.  Thus, my abilities to do cub reporter (i.e., non-credentialed) stuff was limited to photographic evidence of the empty stage.  Ordinarly, you just go to other sources for such information – but these are kids!  There is some YouTube stuff, mostly for Josie, but the only photos are those on loan here from the Echo.

[Josie – and also writes a lot of her songs!]

[Josie’s YouTube site above – has multiple songs]

[Lily – even sounded like Judy Collins on Someday Soon.  🙂 ]

[Singing the National Anthem at age 10 – a lifetime 3 years ago!]

[And from just a couple months ago.]


[Adam & Brett]

[A couple of Adam at SAWA – how did he sneak these by us?  😉 ]

[Adam on a short solo – he and Brett did a Guns & Roses thing last night that had the joint rockin’]

[Brett and Lily have cameos in this from two years ago.]

[Brett helps Sami Steidl perform at her graduation party last summer.]

[The Impresario, a/k/a, Brett’s grandpa]

The concert was just the last two hours of a 6-hour live music day.  Not a personal record, but no doubt in the top 10!  I spent the afternoon (4 hours) at the winery with the Salty Dogs.  I had no intention of staying that long, but they kept me there against my wishes . . . by continuing to entertain me.  But I shouldn’t complain – Annie & Bruce played for four hours, and then went on the AAAA where they accompanied Lily.


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