Winter III

[Our front doors have since moved on to perform their duties in the kids’ pole barn, 9 miles north of Itasca State Park.]

More Winters In Alexandria.

[A/k/a, the hockey arena]

[17 inches on our bedroom deck.]

[Waist-deep to get down to the lake.]

[Your routine November sunrise over the lake.]

[The maritime museum]

[With Bob & Vivian Annen, our annual (well, for two years) visit to Terrace Mill at Christmas time.]

[Terrace Mill]

[One of my all-time favorites, the “octopus” tree by Dean Melton Park on Fillmore Street.]

[“The Amazon” – the channel between Lakes Cowdry and Darling.]

[The bike trail heading toward the Cowdry-Darling channel.]

[“My winter employment – first established under the WPA as a shovel-ready infrastructure project.”]

[And yet another sun dog.]

[Sun dog!]

[Sun dog!  (OK, borrowed from the StarTribune.)]

[“There’s a snow plow a’ comin’, dear ‘Liza, dear ‘Liza.”]

[Another all-timer – on South Le Homme Dieu Drive by the golf course.]

[The three above all from Noonan Park.]

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