Winter II

[The Alexandria “skyline” as seen from Centennial Lane.]

More photos crafted by the knowing-eye of the Cub Reporter and his trusty Canon Elph for Winters In Alexandria.

[6-foot long icicle.  As you may recall from your lessons, George Carlin once described an icicle as the perfect murder weapon – if one were so inclined.]

[Every year we try to see how high a wall we can build on the north side of the slab!]

[The supervisor loves to shovel our decks.  (Well, that’s what she tells me?)]

[Fowl Flying Across the Moon]

[Fowl Flying Across the Moon II]

[Yup, one of the two times in 10 years we had to be plowed.  Did I mention the supervisor likes to shovel?]

[A sun dog]

[A “wave” cascading over our eave.]

[Another sun dog.]

[“A snowy day in Alexandria town.”]

[“Screened” – I’m not going out there, it’s cold!]

[Bill snowblowing for Arnie & Jo.]

[Darling Heights Place]

[Lake Darling from Arrowwood]

[How do you spell “b-l-i-z-z-a-r-d?” (“I have to feed my birdies!”)]


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