A Blast from the Past XI

[Hole No. 16 at the Alexandria Golf Club is a 370-yard par 4 – it is the No. 8 handicap hole, plays to the South and thus generally into the prevailing winds.]

It’s the holiday season – and in the holiday spirit of not wanting to overtax myself, it’s easier to do retrospectives than to try to creat something new.  So, we begin here with a whole series of “old” stuff, noting that an “alexandriacardinals” blog site does not just apply to the current generation or season.  Some of these may have been previously posted on our class blog site – I don’t really feel like checking for such, so apologies where I do.  The first one is a highlight of my own faux athletic career.

[October 29, 2007]  And speaking of golf, I was under tremendous pressure today – not the least of which was no thanks to my playing partners.  Knowing I had birdied No. 16 THREE times in a row, the pressure grew as we approached that hole.  By No. 14, I kept being reminded only two holes to go – yadda, yadda, yadda.  When we got to the 16th tee, I had a moment of silence, took out my lucky orange Halloween tee, and striped my best drive of the day right down the middle with a little draw.  Facing only 120 yards from the middle of the fairway to a back pin into a slight breeze, I hit an easy 9-iron that covered the flag (as had the 2nd shot the three previous times) all the way and ended up 15-feet short of the hole.  So far, so good!  Thinking the worst thing I could do was leave the putt short, I pulled it slightly and just missed my 4th consecutive birdie – I was proud I at least didn’t choke it!  If not for an Army golf bogey on 14, I would have had another even par back-9.

[I did get a thank you note from the AGC for being so considerate regarding the club’s finances (OK, I made that up).  Because I had advised our pro prior to the start of the round that if I birdied 16 for the 4th-consecutive time, I wanted a plaque commemorating the event posted in the pro shop!]

[Since I believe this to be the only golf story in the line-up, it seems an appropriate place to post this photo of Al Grundei, Class of ’67, Super Fan and blog contributor, golfing in Minnesota on December 26, 2011.]

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