A Jefferson High Christmas

Yesterday was the annual Jefferson High School Choir and Orchestra Christmas Concert.  But before we go any further, we have to first discuss the always number one topic of conversation in Minnesota – the weather.  As noted in the above photo, the supervisor arrived at the high school – sans jacket, coat, boots, or other seasonal accoutrements!  This was December 18th!  In Minnesota!  There is no snow!  People actually came to the concert wearing shorts!  What’s happening?  (We now leave our bizarre weather rant for the rest of the story.)

Choir director Steve Dietz and orchestra leader Brad Lambrecht once again led their musicians through a terrific show before a full-house of somewhat warm mostly older people.  We are always amazed how they are able to herd (er . . . possibly “shepherd” would be a better choice) their performers through the confines of the high school gymnasium for the different numbers.  As Class of ’65 principal, Wayne Elton, noted on the way out – about a third of the student body must be involved in the various bands, orchestras, and choirs, and yet they are somehow able to keep it all coordinated within limited space.  And at a mere $6.00, it is, as we say around here, “Such a deal!”

[We arrive for the 3:00 performance – they also did another @ 5:30.]

OK, the videos, to include narration by Bob Hines, who volunteers his great voice for this every year:







Then it was off to the cafeteria for apres concert punch and cookies!  🙂

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