Two, Two, Two Games in One

[The score at the half!]

[The score at the end.]

The Cards hosted the Sartell Sabres Tuesday night.  Sartell was a pre-season Top 10 in the state; and with Fergus Falls, co-favorites to win the conference.  They have a 6’5″ center, Abigail Whitney, who is going to play for UMD next year, and both their good guards back from last year.  Talking to a Sartell fan, they only lost by 2 to Class 4A Osseo, which has 3 players going to Division 1 schools next year.  In other words, they are a pretty good high school team.  So, what happens? – in the first half Lauren Trumm scored 18 points, the entire Sartell team scored 18 points – a tie!

[Though accomplished people in their own right, for the rest of the year they will be known mainly as Lauren Trumm’s parents.  Well, there are worse things to be called!]

It’s hard to describe how Lauren, as a 5’9″ guard, totally dominated that half.  But it just seemed like every other time Sartell came down the court, it wasn’t long before Lauren was heading back the other way for a lay-up – either as a result of a theft by herself, or by one of her equalling harasssing teammates.  She is certainly one of the very best players in the state.  According to Coach Kohler’s report in Cardinal Connection, LT almost had a triple-double:  27 points, 12 rebounds, 8 steals – and 5 assists for good measure.

[The Bob & Dave Show, a/k/a, the voices of the Cardinals.  Dave usually goes south in December to play golf.  He hollered at me as to why he didn’t – I think I heard something about back issues?]

[“So, do you think either of us can beat Fergus?”]

Sophomore Amanda Christianson is emerging as a solid No. 2 scorer – emulating her older sister, she is able to score in a variety of manner, including several clutch 3-pointers in the 2nd half and finished the game with 19 points.  Cara Wood came back at point guard but you could tell she wasn’t ready to really test her ankle – Jess Syvrud, again, probably had the majority of time at point and played well at both ends of the court.  Kalli Bowser played better in this game than in her 1st start – she was not intimidated by the 6’5″ presence in the post and played to her strength – getting her shot off quickly.  Whitney Giselle has a good looking shot, but they’re not dropping for her yet – keep shooting, Whitney!  We also had good bench play from Danielle Strater and Amanda Gould.

[6’5″ Abigail Whitney]



[“How many turnovers is that?”]

[Amanda’s and LT’s folks]


[We won!]

So, what happened in the 2nd half?  Stuff happens.  It’s hard for any team, at any level, high school, college, or pro, to maintain the kind of momentum that leads to big 1st half leads.  The other team is going to make a comeback – now matter how hard coaching warns of such.  The 2nd half is played not to lose – and when the other team starts to close, it is really, really hard to regain momentum.  Sartell had 20 turnovers in the 1st half – only 4 in the 2nd – the Cardinal defense just could not regain that 1st half defensive intensity.  But we hung on – and it was a big win and confidence booster.

And the staff photographer was also excited by the win – his “work” was published by the following morning:

[The JV won too!]

[The captains meet at center court, exchange Facebook data . . . and possibly a lutefisk joke.]



[LT (27 points) greets Ms. Whitney (26 points) – Super Fans Ruth [Helie], maroon vest, and Bud Anderson in background.]

[You may recall I captured the opening tap from the other side – well, here I am doing it!  😉 ]

[Cara – does a nice little ball spin before she shoots.]

[Danielle Strater, 5’9″ junior]

[Kalli & LT]

[6’5″, but you can’t do a hack-a-Shaq on her – good foul shooter.]

[Emily Thul, 5’10” sophomore]

[Whitney, on the right]



[Coach – has a piercing whistle, even without a whistle!]




[“Play hard D, box out, and, for goodness sake, please hold onto the ball!”]

[Grandma and Grandpa Trumm]

[As player-of-the-game, LT received an invite from The Bob & Dave Show.]

[“I think you win a pizza – wanna split it?”]

[Echo Press with Amanda.]

And finally,

[Photo of the season, beautifully framed by Greg.]

Now if you’ll please excuse me, the supervisor has requested that I get to work on the Christmas letter.

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