Nature Calls II

For those of you just tuning in expecting to see “Get Down, Get Funky,” that is now the preceding article.  We were overwhelmed today by a plethora of nature – undoubtedly as a result of the first snowfall.  So, I had to remove the swan photos from the previous column and include them here.  And it’s all from inside the house (haven’t been out since exercising at the Y at 7:00 am) – it will be tough to move from here when we downsize.  But after the swans came an eagle – perched for quite some time in our lakeside cottonwood tree.  And then a nuthatch caught my eye.  John J. Audubon, eat your heart out!

The swans (I think up to 20):

The eagle:

The eagle kept eying these guys but came to the conclusion – too big!:

A nuthatch:

The eagle perspective:

In a week in which we have already lost too many friends, we got a call just as I was wrapping up this “bird” article that our friend, Bill Zimmerman, died today.  Bill was a famous “bird” artist – he lived in Nashville, Indiana, a small artist community and was a close friend of Rita.  Here’s a photo I took of Bill (front right) and friends a year and a half ago – Rita’s in the center:

And these are some of Bill’s works we have in our house:  (About Bill)

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