“The Doughnut Hole”

No, the title does not refer to that special place under Medicare where seniors aren’t covered for their prescription medications.  It means we’re in the time period between fall and winter sports – and, to date, the school district hasn’t posted winter schedules.  Accordingly, this affords another time to revisit the past.  In this case, what ultimately became my favorite basketball team of all time – last year’s Cardinal girls team.  I just happened to notice that in my photo files, I have two “folders” of, as yet, unposted photos by the staff photographer.  He was too prolific for me to keep up with last year.  So, as a prelude to the upcoming seasons, here are the glorious days of yesteryear.  [Dan Mahar played to an SRO crowd at SAWA Friday night – Paul and Deb Trumm were there and advised practice starts in 10 days.]

[One of my favorites from Greg.  Someday these young ladies will say they were there in 2011 when the Cards earned a spot in the state tournament.  Their role models on that team will inspire them in their basketball careers.]

[What they were concentrating on!  😉  ]

[Already working on her cross-over dribble!]

[Internationally known for their early arrivals.]

[Joie Warnes greets a Sartell Sabre late in the regular season – we would play the Sabres in the section semi-finals.]

[Cara Wood]

[Sam Trumm]

[Lauren Trumm – still sporting her shiner from a non-contact sport.]

[Alli Haar – a rebounding marvel with one of her dozens of positioning techniques.]

[Some day I’m going to ask Harris for his autograph – because he’s interviewed so many famous people!]

[Coach Wendy Kohler with Echo Press columnist Eric Morken.]

[After beating Sartell, again, in the section semis.]

[V. Fergus Falls in the section finals at St. John’s.]

[Trumm sisters flank an Otter.]

[Sam flanked by Otters.]

[Whitney Giselle will be this year’s center.]

[Student fans – an eclectic group.]

[The entire season encapsulated in the above three photos:  Lauren harasses the passer while Joie breaks toward the intended target; Joie deflects the pass; Cara picks up the loose ball and the whole team breaks the other way.]

[We win – we’re going to state!]

Then it was on to the “U,” my alma mater, and a first round game at venerable Williams Arena against Grand Rapids.  In the 2nd half, the Cards put on a clinic on how to play up-tempo basketball.

[The Lauren one-person trap!]

And now we look forward to this season – see ya at the gym!

And now we’re off to Basketball Dan’s something-somethingth annual turkey fest.

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