The Lynx, the Cardinals, and Kevin Klimek

After the Minnesota Lynx won the WNBA title, Rachel Blount wrote the following column for the Minneapolis StarTribune:

Of course, on behalf of the Super Fans, I immediately initiated the following correspondence with Ms. Blount:

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Tom, belated thanks for the note! I will have to keep an eye on your Alexandria girls. That is wonderful that they have such great fan support!

Rachel Blount

sports reporter

Minneapolis Star Tribune

Tuesday, October 11, 2011 6:39 AM
To: Blount, Rachel
Subject:  Thanks for the great Lynx reporting!

Oh, and p.s.  Then I totally forgot to mention our (Alexandria’s) state tournament girls’ basketball team from last year.  They didn’t have the shooters to win state, but they were the most athletic team I have ever seen.  To watch them run and play defense made us really look forward to every game last year.

Thanks again, Tom Obert

The Super Fans in Alexandria have been ahead of the learning curve on women’s sports for years – I started a blog just to cover (so the snowbirds can keep up over the winter).  😉

– Tom Obert

Thanks to Rachel for her response!  I would also note that Strib columnist Jim Souhan, my other close personal friend, who usually covers such as the Vikings, Twins, and Gophers, noted in several columns that the Lynx were easily the best game in town this year – and said if any 6’0″ guy thought he could take Maya Moore one-on-one, he would be faked out of his proverbial male sports garment.

In the absence of any other place to put these, a couple videos from Keven Kimek at SAWA last night – Hawaii Five-O and Yakety Axe (which I should have videoed a long time ago).  For his new close personal friends, Anne and Bill:

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