“You Coulda Been There!”

[Cardinals cross country conference champions – a/k/a, the quintuple “c” (Echo Press).]

For reasons to be described in greater detail shortly, I am a bit behind in my reporting – no doubt to your extreme consternation (?).  In my elderliness, I have become a Cub “Fair Weather” Reporter – that meaning I have missed the last two home football games under fear of weather induced discomfort.  It was subsequently reported that Tuesday night’s game – the first round of the sections – was actually played in great football weather.  Anyway, our Cardinals have now won three straight games.  They ended the regular season with a 30-24 win over Moorhead; and then beat Sauk Rapids-Rice (a replay of last year’s section finals) 42-16 in the section opener.  Next they play the No. 1 seeded Rocori Spartans in the section semi-finals.  The Cards played them close at their place during the regular season – so we have a shot at going to the section finals three years in a row.  Our double secret probation source advised that the team changed its entire offense at mid-season and has been on a roll ever since!

[Nick Knoblauch against Moorhead (Echo Press).]

In other news, the music scene in Vacationland USA:

[Paul Trumm captures Patchouli at the winery’s Applefest.  The place was a mob scene, making videoing impossible.  In lieu thereof, the following is a video submitted by Patchouli fan, Sue Elliot.]


[Lisa Lynn at SAWA.  Love the hat.  We have to admit to having her CD on in the car all the time.]

[Jeff James was at the winery.  I made my first attempt at using the video feature of the new super-duper photojournalist professional camera.  I noticed Jeff’s “menu” included a song titled “Zamboni.”  I thought perfect for this blog!  I asked Jeff if I could YouTube him on the song – he played it, I couldn’t figure out how the camera’s video feature worked!  (I have included “Zamboni” by the Gear Daddies to show us all what I missed.)  The instruction booklet for the camera is larger than the OED.  I subsequently figured it out by trial and error and have included videos of Jeff doing “Folsom Prison Blues” and “The Times They Are A-Changin’.”]




[You may recall this from the previous post.  David Bengston, on the far left, created poetry-on-a-stick – a takeoff on the highlights of the state fair.]

In other news,  a famous Alexandria landmark:

From Al Grundei:

Red maples:


And lest you missed the Grand Portage northern lights:

BTW, the Moby Obie was put to bed for the winter on Tuesday.  Far and away the longest it has ever stayed in the water.  Not that we used it – only 4 times all year – but we have not had a snow yet, really rare for this time of year.


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