Cardinal Sports . . . Finally?

OK, we’ve been a tad distracted lately.  Between trips, company, classes, music, a school bond referendum, and trying to sell the heritage house, we haven’t made it to a lot of sports events this fall.  I’m sorry I didn’t make a single girls soccer game – fortunately, the staff photographer covered them all, and we will publish some of his work by later column.  I did make it to the Sartell volleyball game on the 11th. Little did I know until I got there, it was also senior night.  So I missed most of that, too.  The school’s going to pull my press pass.  Anyway, this was my first game with the “staff photographer camera” at an indoor event.  I will continue to work at it.

[Oh, stopped on the way to the game for the full moon over Lake Darling.]

[Is the Cub Reporter finally here?]

[Mrs. and Mr. Staff Photographer]

[Our hockey girls – Quinn Kragenbring and Shanee’ Herd.]

[Voice of the Cardinals]

[The choir, including some players, assemble for the anthem.]

[Sophomore Amanda Christianson with the 3.9 degree-of-difficulty jump serve.]

[Shanee’, the libero, serving.]

[Quinn serving.]

[Shanee’ and Quinn on defense.]

The Cards won game one – then they lost game two by the same score.  In both games, they blocked great – but their offense was hit and miss.  In the third game, the Cards lost their competitive edge.  And about that same time, I lost my will to spend anymore time on the gymnasium’s hard wooden bleachers.  It was just as well – the Cards totally bottomed out on game 4.  They have been a hard team to figure.  They were taller than Sartell – and seemed more athletic.  But they hit long stretches when they are totally err prone.

[The Sabres]

[I remember Haley Guetter from their basketball team.  A very good player.]

[Junior Allie Noetzelman]


[Sophomore Emily Kuennen]

On the previous night, the staff photographer covered the Cardinals soccer win over Apollo.

In other events, congratulations to Lisa Grimes (Echo photo) for winning an LPGA section tournament in Louisiana.

In still other events, the cross country team was competing in the conference championships today.  The Cardinals probably had the Nos. 1, 2, and 3 ranked runners in the conference, and probably the section.  Coach Mark Nelsen said he has coached for 30 years – and the three fastest runners he has ever coached are on this team:  Senior Jamie Piepenberg, and 8th-grade twins, Megan and Bethany Hasz (Echo photos):

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