Homecoming IV

The Game.  The Cards came into the game with an 0-3 record – but they had been competitive in every game.  They were probably the favorite, however, against the St. Cloud Apollo Eagles.  The scoreboard above pretty much tells the tale.  The Cards are still trying to find an identity on offense, but their defense has played pretty well in every game.  This game was pretty sloppy – there must have been close to 10 turnovers between the two teams.  The Cards got the majority of theirs in the 2nd half and were able to capitalize on them – turning a 6-0 halftime time lead into an easy 26-0 victory.  Now they have to go on the road against an undefeated Bemidji team.

 [The supervisor waits for me at the gate, getting ready to shed our shoes and go through the full body scanner (just kidding!).]

[We joined the overflow crowd for “tailgating” in the end zone where we shared our burgers and pop with the ever present bees.]

[Just so we could remember where we were.]

[The Cards warm up in the backyard.]

[The Cards warm up again on the field.]

[The choir director searches for his uniformed son.]

[The Voice of the Cardinals searches for the press box.]

[The staff photographer says must have “lens envy” for those with the white lens.]

[The band was moved to the end zone – in anticipation of the overflow crowd?]

[The Cards either won the toss or they were exchanging Facebook addresses.]

[This was the best I could do – attempting to capture it led to hoots from those in the immediate neighborhood.  When the wind would totally unfurl it, someone would walk in front of me.]

[I believe they are known as “cheerleaders.”]

[Whom amongst us doesn’t like to photograph photographers?]

[Team introductions and those on the IR.]

[Another photographer!]

[The Cardinal]

[Double white lens envy!]

[The Eagles kick-off – at this point you can tell I’m having fun with my new “Greg Trumm” camera with the telephoto lens from the top row on the 40-yard line.]

[“Boom, Dynamite” – well, it’s the supervisor’s favorite cheer!]

[Nick Knoblauch fields a punt.  A 5’9″ junior, he’s one of those guys who seems to play everywhere on both sides of the ball.]

[Back to the athletes – for Harry’s sake.]

[Knoblauch fields another punt.]

[Homecoming King Gideon Hartsell]


[Homecoming royalty]

[Lauren Trumm and Will Sieling]

[King Gideon and Queen Lisa Klinkner]

[The IR expands 😦  ]

[Still tailgating.]

[Back to the athletes.]


As a writer with a fragile ego (but then that’s redundent), I generally only publish the good reviews:

Tom:  What would we do without you? You are simply amazing. ~ Crazy Dave

How come no pictures of the great class of 1973? ~ Cam Obert, class of ’73

Hey Tommy..Thanks for the updates, I enjoy.  ~ Dave Serie

Great pictures! What a relaxing retirement you have in a beautiful place! ~ Linda Zambanini (OK, that was on the vacation blogs)

I find it so interesting you weren’t interested in us younger girls in high school and then you went and married someone, what is she, 25 years younger than you?….She looks more lovely every time we see her.  🙂  This is a great photo.  ~ Patty Wicken

Nice picture of the two of you.  ~ Gretchen Obert

Good morning Tom,  Thanks for sending all the great pics from Hall of Fame, Jeans & Jewels and the homecoming parade! These will be wonderful for the website and future publications – much appreciated! ~ Jill Johnson

You’ll really be important looking with a Greg Trumm camera! 🙂  I missed you on open line this AM.  Customers interrupted my listening time!  ~ Marnee’ Herd

You are REALLY getting serious as the Cub Reporter. ~ Crazy Dave

Pathetic. ~ The Nanner

In spite of your political leanings what’s not to like about Tom Obert?  ~ Pat Osterberg

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