Homecoming III

The Parade.  I believe the consensus of opinion was that this was the 4th year in a row of absolutely beautiful weather for homecoming (unlike the star-crossed Grape Stomp).  The Class of ’66 held their reunion to coincide with homecoming, possibly for that reason.  😉  OK, I understand it was to avoid the usual summer scheduling problems with family and other activities – and to be part of all the homecoming events.  I’d be interested to hear if they thought it was good idea?

Parade participants gathered at the Catholic church parking lot, carefully made their way to Broadway at 5th, and then proceeded the 27.2 miles to the high school through crowds that rivaled those of the Band Festival!  The Hall of Fame inductees led the parade as grand marshals, now a new tradition (is that a contradicition in terms?), followed by the homecoming court.

[Proud “Grease” parents?]

[A happy Mary Berglin Oorlog represented the Class of ’63.  To the best of my limited knowledge, I was the sole (again) representative from the Class of ’65.]

[The team]

[The mascot]

[The band]

[The cheerleaders]

[The fire truck – once again, providing complete and total coverage!]

[The future]

[My alum walking compadres – a wild and crazy group!]

[John and Ann Heydt direct the column on Broadway.]

[“Hi, Trumm family.”]

[“Hi, Dave (Class of ’60) Schultz, and grandson.”]

[“Hi, Ron and Jenna Rebrovich.”]

[Demanded I take their picture – future hockey defensemen?]

[“Hi, supervisor!”]

[The tradition continues – Al Grundei (’67) drives his and Joe Drexler’s mom (’38)]

[“Hi, Linnsey and Paul Fieldhammer” – with no Legion behind them]

[“Hi, Tom Anderson and Ed Christopherson.”]

[We arrive at the high school – blistered feet and oxygen tanks in tow.]

[The homecoming king and queen were there to greet all.]

[Mary Oorlog (’63) and Patty Wicken (’67) and golf cart of indeterminative origin.]


[Sam and Val Trumm apparently took a wrong turn out of the County Market parking lot.]

Up Next:  The Game

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One Response to Homecoming III

  1. Sara Sevey says:

    I’ll be there to walk with you next year so get me a ’65 tee shirt!!
    Sara Smith Sevey

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