Homecoming II

[Wall of Wine, sponsored by Westside Liquor and Coborn’s Cashwise.]

After the Hall of Fame luncheon on Friday afternoon, all went home, changed attire to something allegedly 50’s-retro, and came back to the Ballroom that evening to celebrate the 3rd annual  Jeans and Jewels event for members of the Education Foundation’s (EF) 206 Club (for School District 206 – one can be a member for an annual contribution of a mere $206 (or more) – come on, you can do it!).  There were many silent auctions and several lotteries.  Our unofficial crowd estimator thought we had over 150 attendees, which would have been a new record, but we’d like to increase that by 100 per year!

[Marlene Braun represented our table well by winning an opal ring!]

[I can say without fear of retribution that I was able to attract 5 new members (I think) to the 206 Club this year – many were even at this table!]

[Jill Wagner (daughter of the internationally-known, Flying Finn, and EF board member) and Judy Backhaus (EF board member) did a great job hosting Jeans & Jewels – kudos to them and the whole committee – Lori Canavati, Christine Reilly, Amy Wensman (EF board member), and Maureen Winger – for the event.]

[All the jewelry winners! (Sponsored by Diekman’s Jewelry)]

[The Marlenes, Lorsung and Braun.]

[The supervisor shows Deb and Paul Trumm her non-winning bottle from the Wall of Wine.]

[Joni Jacobson had the winner!]

(Deb Trumm hopes her password wins the computer under the watchful eye of EF board member, Macaille Hafner.]

[Jill attempts her password.]

[EF Chair, Heidi Ryan, attempts her password.]

[And the winner is . . . Mike Scarborough! (Sponsored by Walmart, State Farm Insurance and Supt. Terry Quist)]

[And all the winners, including Kyle Diekman for a 42″ flatscreen TV sponsored by Cullen’s Home Center.]

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