Please Bare* With Me!

The last time there was this much class of ’65 brainpower in one place was when Tom Obert dined alone!!

The above quote is from someone who obviously believes our protagonist was not, as had been rumored, recently released from a South Pacific penal colony.  From his appearance, however, it is obvious that he is about to slink into the dark recesses of techno-geekdom, likely not to return to the civilized world for several days.  The reason?  He is at least three soccer and two volleyball games behind in his reporting.  He has not yet finished his summer vacation report, though the event’s denouement was a month and a half ago.  And this weekend?  Fugeddaboutit!  Homecoming weekend was overrun by five events in the last three days.  The protagonist discovered he has taken 200 photographs over that time – and now has niche cameras!  The ole standby snapshot/video camera; the new “Greg Trumm” standard EOS; and for today’s homecoming parade/football game, the new “Greg Trumm” EOS telephoto.  A sampling:

[I have to admit – I love the telephoto effect down Broadway during the homecoming parade.  And when we arrived at the parade’s end, we were greeted by a gleeful Wendy Kohler, the girls’ basketball coach.  The reason for her glee is readily obvious in the middle photograph – 6th and 7th grade girl basketball players are 6’8″ and can dunk!]

[Note to Harry:  See, I told you – girls are the better athletes!]

[Note to the Trumm family:  I have to admit I referred the two young ladies above to the Alex volleyball coach as potentially terrific blockers!]

[Note to Bob Longfellow:  It was nice to see you for the first time since 1964, when your family moved away from Alex, and that you came back this year for your first ever reunion with the Alex class of ’66!]

[Run, don’t walk, to the polls on Tuesday and pass the new high school referendum!]

*  Editor’s note:  “Bare” is obviously a play on words.  The two Super Fan Ruthies at the homecoming game today, the supervisor and ’65 classmate Ruth Helie Anderson, both admitted they attend football games mainly in hopes of seeing a streaker!]

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