How I Spent My Summer Vacation (Day 6)

[Master of all he surveys, either napping or preparing to address his minions.]

This was “water” day.  All events seemed to take place on or in the water.  I somehow managed to not participate in any of these things – water is bad for my skin, makes it wet.  Rita and I considered the lake swim but fortunately came to our senses in the nick of time.  We cheered graciously for those who did.  And since we did not have to waste precious time toweling off, we were first in line for breakfast.

[The first thing on the day’s agenda was a mad dash to the Wigwam sock factory in Sheboygan.  This is our annual camp ritual as it coincides with the factory’s annual (or semi-annual?) sale at their plant.  The assembled masses descend on the place with cardboard boxes and paper bags and fill them up with “deals” on socks and hats.  You may recall my birthday photo session in my furry Elmer Fudd hat?]

[Back at camp, The Biddies perused the morning paper, non-biddies went kayaking, and then we all enjoyed breakfast under the sun.]

[In preparation for the afternoon races, Tom took The Biddies, et al, for a morning sail in the big boat.]

Then, the races, beginning with the solo sunfishes – Tom took 3rd:

I then raced from waterfront to the swimming beach to catch the continuing action with The Biddies and Rita’s daughter, Beth . . . and some canoeists:

Then it was on to the doubles:  Defending champ, Dan, with a Normile (Will, Sam, or Oliver?); Caitlin and Andrew; and Karina and Tom:

[Dan, and a Normile.]

[Caitlin and Andrew.]

[Karina and Tom.]

[In a photo finish, Caitlin and Andrew upset the defending champs.  Tom was philosophical about their 3rd place finish – “At least we got the bronze!”]

And finally, it was a beautiful evening for a pontoon ride around the lake – with a full moon:

[Chris & Beth, Rita’s son-in-law and daughter.]

[Our home for the week.]

[The two above was (is?) Tom Cruise’s place.]


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One Response to How I Spent My Summer Vacation (Day 6)

  1. Beth McKay-Teeuwen says:

    I am coming with you next year.


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