First Home Volleyball Game – Ooops!

The volleyball team opened its home season on Tuesday hosting the dreaded Otters from Fergus Falls.  [Editor’s note:  The staff photographer covered a home girls soccer game the same night – results and photos will be posted on this site when available.]

The Cards started fast – racing out to an early big lead as they were setting beautifully and putting away their kill opportunities.  Fergus had a front line size advantage, but throughout the match that didn’t appear to be a difference maker as the Cards stuffed the Otters seemingly as much as vice-versa.  But the Cards faltered and let Fergus back into the game – the Otters took their first lead at 25-24 and won the game on the next point. 

[Sheree Oberg, white top, is “publisher” of the Cardinal Connection which tells us what just happened and what’s coming up.  She also patrols the student fans to make sure they maintain a proper sense of decorum.  I believe that makes her eligible for combat pay!  (But seriously folks, they have fun with each other.) 😉  Upon further review, that appears to be Cardinal basketball point guard, Cara Wood, to Sheree’s immediate left – probably there to scout Brianna Rasmussen (see further below).]

The Cards cruised through the next two games, winning 25-18 (not that close) and 25-14 – at that point we’re thinking the match should have been over because we should have won game 1.  Then for game 4, the entire team “left” the court to go work on their history homework, or something?  They were totally discombobulated throughout, and the final score, 15-25,  was only made halfway “respectable” with a late run.  So, it was on to game 5 – the deciding game which only goes to 15.  At this point the senior citizens among us (Super Fans Barb and Roger Riley, behind me, and Ruth (Helie) and Alvern Anderson, in front) were starting to grumble about having to spend 2 1/2 hours sitting on hard wooden bleachers with no backs – raising, again, a hew and cry for a new high school!

[Our best game – they can do it.]

[This is Shanee’ Herd’s (No. 6) 23rd year in varsity sports – and she’s still only a junior! 

😉 ]

[Girls huddle.]

[Boy fans huddle.]

[Otter Brianna Rasmussen was starting point guard as a freshman on their basketball team last year.  Terrific athlete.]

[“Now what did we do?”]

The Cards had their mojo back at the beginning of the deciding game. They built an early 8-4 lead, but then . . . Fergus, to their credit, came back to win it.  It’s especially tough because we’ve always held their fans among the worst.  I think we had the better team – it’s just a matter of keeping focused.  We hope that will develop with experience.  We have some talent – and we like it that Emily Kuennen (No. 11) and Amanda Christianson (No. 8)are both 5’10” and only sophomores.  Do girls grow anymore after 10th grade?

[Jennifer Wild, libero, photo on loan from Echo Press.]

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