The Day After . . .

Now that I am officially less than one year from signing up for Medicare, I’m in the protected age group that looks forward to a visit to Lowry.  Winding down from the excitement of the holiday-birthday three-day weekend, the supervisor and I determined a road trip was required because it is (and will be for the next week!) another beautiful day here in Vacationland USA.  Some people go to Venice, some to the Greek Islands – we go to Lowry.  Lowry is more convenient.  I had never been to Lowry before – it’ really not that far away, maybe 15 miles south and a little west of here.  It has a population of about 250.  The following photo pretty much captures the downtown – their grocery store on the main street is closed, meaning they probably go to Starbuck for food.  But I captured another watertower in the state of Minnesota, meaning I only have several thousand to go.

[Our first view of Lake Minnewaska, as we came into Starbuck (pop. 1,300) on the west side of the lake.]

The Starbuck waterfront has a nice beach, a big park, and a band shell.  Considering it was a beautiful day and a national holiday, we were amazed at the total lack of activity?

[A view of Lake Minnewaska from the south side – 270th street (or avenue) as I recall.]

[The southside of Minnewaska, heading east past Peter’s Sunset Beach Resort, toward Glenwood.  A bad storm hit this area about a month ago – lots of trees down, lots of damage.  The clean-up is pretty much complete.  The above photo is the reincarnation of the world-famous Lakeside Ballroom.]

[Also world-famous – the lone stoplight in Pope County, at the main intersection in Glenwood.]

[We noshed on DQ BBQ at a public access – Torgie’s Restaurant across the way.]

[New (to me) – a statue of a Native American of the feminine gland, as Col. Sherm Potter would say.  Just up from the Lakeside Ballroom – no indication of who she is or who the sculptor is?]

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