Mr. Maintenance, Schonberg corn, and “staff” contributions

Let it be known to all within the sound of my keyboard that your household maintenance correspondent within the space of two sunrises washed and vacuumed the car, sprayed the entire driveway for weeds, replaced “the pin” in the steering column of the lawn mower [see previous Mr. Maintenance discussion], helped the supervisor replace faux rock fallen from the house with landscape block adhesive (which sticks to your fingers like Super Glue, is applied with a caulking gun that was borrowed from a handyman neighbor because it is not on Mr. Maintenance’s regular implement use schedule), and tonight . . . shucked corn!  Schonberg corn, to be exact.  When this organically-grown corn hits town, the entire populace scrambles for their fair share.

[The supervisor inspects my “adhesiving.”]

[Mmmmmm, Schonberg corn is the reward.]

Despite the “water warning” sign above, the HQ and family are on their annual vacation at Betsy Ross resort on Lake Ida.  She offered the following photos as a counterpoint to those usually displayed from Lake Darling:

[The HQ]

[Her Lake Ida photos (thanks, Kath!) ;-)]

Loren Berg lives at Blakes by the Lakes.  The Lake Carlos side of the property has, like most places in western Minnesota, had high water issues all year.  Here are Loren’s submittals:

Brother Cam’s lifelong D.C. buddy, Rog “The Travelin’ Man” Tweed, was in Alex this summer and contributed the following (warning: they’re not all in Alex!):

[He “captured” the cottonwood “snow” that I could not.]

[Le Homme Dieu View marina – Mr. Blanchard, I believe.]

[Local landmark.]

[I don’t know – but I don’t condone!]

[Minnehaha Falls – not in Alex.]

[Cam at the oldest house in Minneapolis (not Alex).]

[UW-Eau Claire and the Chippewa River – again, not in Alex.]

[Rog’s Alex hosts waving good-bye!]

We had to take out a section of dock (land inspected by the supervisor) to get it above water, moved the Moby Obie much closer to shore so we can get it out under the lift canopy, and a photo of neighbor Dangerous Dan’s dock mostly under water:

Oh, and fellow Patchouli groupie, Sue Elliot (in the Cities) sent the following videos of Teenage and The Puzzle, two of my favorites, from Minnehaha Falls, surprisingly enough 😉 :

Many thanks to all the contributors!

[I apologize for the final 4.  It’s just that I have no other format for their display.  And I know Crazy Dave and DOM will like them.]

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