Water, Water Everywhere!!

[Sand bagging at Blakes by the Lakes on Lake Carlos, August 2.  Photo by Loren Berg.]

This was going to be a report on Resorters Golf Tournament week.  It will include that – but it has otherwise been overtaken by events.  Memories (and we suspect, records) indicate that lakes in our area have never been this high.  This has not been a one storm, or one season’s phenomenon – it began with the snows of last fall, through the winter, the wet, cold spring, and the raging thunderstorms of summer.  The water tables are maxing out – meaning in many areas where there is standing water, there is no place for it to go.  The climate models are proving correct – the South is becoming hotter and drier, and it is becoming wetter, warmer, and more humid in our neck of the woods.  People don’t usually have to sand bag around lakes – it is happening this summer.  This will be an ongoing article as “stuff” keeps coming in from stringers in the field.

[Following the Resorters yesterday, we arrived at the signature 7th hole – Lake Darling is overtaking the golf course.  You can see the left sandtrap is totally filled with water – a ground rule for the tournament yesterday was a free drop out of all sand traps.]

[Water is coming over the top of the water hazard retaining walls.  Those walls were caving in anyway, and along with the need to upgrade the green the entire hole will be reconstructed as soon as the tournament is over.  It will be playable again next June – water will no longer be in front of the green or the 8th tee box.]

[The drop area had to be moved out of the “water” for the tournament.]

[Beginning of the reconstruction – the weeping willow that “guarded” the right side of the green has been taken down.]

[Lake Darling encroaching on the back of the green.]

[The 8th tee – the cart path out of there has been built up three times in the last week.]

[My driver, Richie Braun.]

[Telephoto shot from the 8th tee across the lake to the point between Big and Little Darling.  The homeowners there had FIVE dump truck loads of sand delivered this week to build berms around their houses.]

[Same shot sans telephoto.]

[And the tournament must go on.  The course drains really well in almost all areas – and is beautiful and in great shape!]

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