Art in the Park

This annual fund-raiser for the Alexandria Area Arts Association took place this past weekend.  As usual, City Park was filled to capacity with vendors in arts, crafts, food, and music.  I go for the music – and, OK, I’m not opposed to the food.  The supervisor is often released sans chaperone in search of the ultimate garden curio – and occasional garments.  But before the weekend began, we had some lovely overviews of beautiful Lake Darling including my first notice of stand-up paddleboards (SUP’s), highlighted later in the week in a Minneapolis StarTribune piece:

[The above photo is, of course, not of beautiful Lake Darling.  It reflects an interesting cloud arrangement over the 2nd hole at the Alexandria Golf Club (AGC).  It was taken by occasional blog photographer, Loren Berg.  This week the AGC hosts its internationally-famous Resorters Golf Tournament.]

The Friday before Art in the Park began, Patchouli began a groupie’s delight at the winery – the 1st of three consecutive local performances.  The weather was surprisingly comfortable in the shade that afternoon.  In this, our summer of malcontent, I feel compelled to always provide a weather report:

[The supervisor checks out Patchouli CD’s, as well as Bruce’s artwork.]

[Videos, and photos of Bruce, were spared until the weekend.  😉 ]

And then Saturday arrived – Day 1 of Art in the Park.  The supervisor went in the morning to shop – I joined her in the afternoon where hourly we went up and down the hill dividing our time between Patchouli, and Sami Steidl and friends.  It was a hot, muggy one – I had to peel my clothes off when I got home (try hard not to form a mental image!):

[Sami, Spencer (lead guitar), Ben (guitar), Dave (bass), and the drummer (apologies)]

[Spencer’s mom doing mom stuff.]

[The supervisor enjoying the music and the white caps on Lake Agnes in the background.  Sami encountered some difficulties in trying to bow her viola through her hair.]

Probably the last performance by the group (at least for a while) as they all head off to college soon.  Here’s a video:

Day 2 of Art in the Park produced an absolutely beautiful Sunday morning – we looked forward to three sets by Patchouli and one by local favorites, Al and Terry:

[The two above:  Before the music, the supervisor dragged me off to a vendor she had discovered the previous day.  She said my high school classmate, Patty Peterson, was working there.  Well, Patty wasn’t there on Sunday; but her brother Bob was – this is an example of his art.]

[Fellow AGC golfer, Dave Ness, with granddaughters on the bales.]

Next up was Emergency Stop, a/k/a, Terry Kennedy and Al Lieffort, and with a video of their signature song (well, in my opinion), Neil Young’s Harvest Moon:

Julie and Bruce wrapped up the event for us – we videoed The Puzzle and Best in Me for your dining and dancing pleasure.  They will back to Alex three more times this year:

I believe I mentioned something about the weather earlier? Well, thunderstorms started early this morning – one after another ripped through here.  The house was shaken to its roots.  We are not done yet.  But I was able to dash out during an interlude and get a picture of the dock now under water with the Moby floating loose under the canopy – and discovered another 3 3/4 inches in the rain gauge.  I believe we have received 14 inches of rain since July 1.  The Resorters golf tournament was suppose to start today, but I assume the course is under water.  Even before this last deluge, they had to rebuild the cart path from the 8th tee to the fairway because it was under water.  We have called in the troops requesting that whenever they are available to come and take out a section of dock and move the Moby lift to much shallower water (if possible).  Loren Berg again contributed with the photo of the tennis courts at Blakes by the Lakes.

[This last photo is a late night submittal by Al Grundei.  It’s of the 9th hole at the Alexandria Golf Club at 10:30 this morning.  The 9th hole is not (normally) a water hole!]

Next up – a state championship baseball team?  Coach?

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One Response to Art in the Park

  1. Sue Elliott says:

    Thank you SO MUCH for the videos and photos!! Julie in a straw hat?!?!??! Will probably never see that again. Weren’t the straw bales hot to sit on?? Looks like a great show and I love the setting at the winery. Definitely will try to make it up there for the next Patchouli concert!
    thanks again

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