The Don Carlson Memorial Senior Soiree, Steak Fry, and Putting Contest

The Tuesday morning senior men’s league at the Alexandria Golf Club plays a Stableford system with teams determined by blind draw every week.  Every year we end the season with a steak fry and putting contest.  This year we will have two – last night’s being the first.  We were delighted to have Rose and Warren Gibson join us again – they gave up their membership last year, which was bittersweet for us because now we don’t have to “pay” Warren every week.  Long my hero, Warren turns 90 on July 9 – to honor the occasion I followed him around the putting course by video, and he had the lead after 7 holes:

Photos from last night – a sunny, 85-degree, blustery evening (Aside: Went out for the paper this morning; it felt like Washington, D.C.  Like walking into a hot, wet washcloth making it hard to breathe.  We are under a heat advisory today.):

[The Fieldhammers arrive.]

[We thank Donnacha for the unique putting course he set up for us.]

The putting contest winners were:  1st – Bonnie Haaven; 2nd – Dee Berg; 3rd – June Joy; and 1st – Harry Ramaley; 2nd – Loren Berg; 3rd – Roger Riley.

Since I could not improve on last year’s “one-take” efforts, here are the participants from last August 31 (listed alphabetically):

[ . . . beginning promptly at 5:00.]

Finally, as the “cub reporter,” I was honored to have my caricature done by Harry Ramaley.  He captured my propensity to cover girls sports, to his befuddlement.  Many thanks again, Harry!

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