June Swoon

We’re still waiting for summer.  The Girls of Summer were still in their winter attire at the AGC on June 13 (l-r: Pat Peterson, Doret Melby, Merry Donley, and the supervisor).

On the 16th, we said good-bye to one of our favorite entertainers.  Joe Carucci (Yankee cap), of the Joe Carucci Trio and the Funky Gumbo Trio, and family are moving to Kentucky.  Joe and his wife will continue to teach music there – at Eastern Kentucky University, as I recall.  Jenna McSwain’s group was performing at SAWA this night – a first for us and we enjoyed them immensely.  Then Joe and a couple of guys from Funky Gumbo joined in – we had a septet!  Fun time!

Also there that evening were the two protagonists from the following Minneapolis Tribune article, c. 1956:

[Though it pains me immensely, the ethics of full disclosure require me to report that when the game resumed, under full on-site coverage by ESPN, Jim’s team won, 1-0, in 17 innings.  In my mind’s eye (which is now often fuzzied by cataracts) I can still see Richard Jacobson making good contact and launching a fly ball to center where it landed at the feet of our centerfield who was distracted by the traffic on Broadway.]

The weekend brought the annual Cap Paciotti Memorial Golf Tournament sponsored by the Alexandria Cardinal Athletic Foundation.  Bev Lohrman Grossman was the honoree this year.  Bev was a leading proponent of girls’ athletics that eventually led to Title IX.  After Title IX, Bev started, and coached, many of the Cardinal girls’ ahtletic programs that exist today.  The program was emceed by Cardinal broadcaster, Dave Harris.

Participation was down this year for the Foundation’s major fundraiser.  But we know you’ll all be back next year – right?

And then it was time for Sami Steidl’s graduation party.  This marked the first year that grad parties for musicians (nephew Michael, Spencer, and Sami) outnumbered those for athletes.  🙂  The Sami “statue” greeted us on entry to the Steidl property – then came a series of Burma Shave-type signs marking the occasion on the long drive in.  Sami has played with many old(er) musicians in the area since she was, as Mikko would say, a “wee lassie.”  Many were there for a continuous jam session . . .

[Sami with mom and dad.]

[Mikko Cowdery and his grandson, Brett (will be a sophomore at Osakis High School).]

[Al Lieffort and Annie O’Flynn.]

Of course, we have to include the requisite video from the event:


Sami will be heading for the University of Colorado this fall.  Before then – Sam-A-Rama:

[Oh, that’s Sunday, July 10 (the poster was too big for my scanner) – one day after Warren Gibson turns 90!]

And a plug for the group with which she is most associated – Skilly & Duff:

Finally, this has not been summer on beautiful Lake Darling:

And belatedly, for Sue Justice, a new “Make Love, Not War” poster – the Vancouver riot kiss after the Canucks lost the NHL finals:

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