The First Week of June

The start of summer?  There were indications.  The Owens and the Waldelands had returned from their winter retreats, and we had a reunion at SAWA on the 2nd.  There is no photographic evidence of this endeavor . . . which is just as well as it could have been used against us in a court of law.

Friday and Saturday turned out to be quite nice days actually – a complete contrast to the season so far.  Friday was so nice we decided to pay our first visit to the newly re-opened Old Broadway, now Main Street Brewery, where we sat outside with, among others, a 50th-birthday party and a bachelorette party.  We enjoyed the meal if not the din.  The highlight was seeing hockey players from the not too distant pass – Stacey Paulzine was the hostess and Brittany Lind was our server.

And then it was off to back-to-back nights at SAWA as Dan Mahar was headlining.  On the 2nd night, he was joined by Terry Kennedy for a bit.  In the photo with Ruthie, Dan was performing Ruthless.  June 3 was also “Manhattan-henge,” as the sun aligns perfectly with NYC’s east-west street patterns.  June 4, an Orange Crush sunrise over Lake Darling.

Continuing my “collection” of performances of this great song, the above YouTube video is Mr. Mahar’s Hallelujah.  Ruthie noted the sunshine through her wine glass (Hob Nob pinot noir, if you’re keeping score at home).

On Saturday, the 5th, Alexandria welcomed its hometown Beetles, of the Northwoods League (a summer collegiate league), with a parade down Broadway.  The highlight was next-door-neighbor, Dangerous Dan, chauffeuring Mr. and Mrs. Mayor in his red Jag convertible.

And then it was off to the winery where Mikko was flying solo:

And finally, Sam Trumm’s (see previous posts) was the first graduation party, and the supervisor was among the first arrivals:

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