How could I not be?  Look at that picture!  Hockey moms and the reasons they are hockey moms.  And now, Abby and Danielle – my sports heroes – are old enough to drink . . . DRINK!  Arrggghhh!  We first met them when they were wearing size zero breezers (the girls, not the moms).  Now Danielle will be a senior hockey player at Gustavus; Abby a senior hockey player at Bemidji State.  Sue had e-mailed that she and Danielle would be there – something about a college boy band performing.  Martha and Abby were an added bonus.  We had anticipated an appearance by SAWA regulars, Don and Beryl, but as recent returnees from snowbirding in Palm Desert they were probably still settling in.

[Comments rec’d to date on the above:  Looks like your lucky day!! – daughter Jami; What is this thing about you?  You are the ultimate magnet chick. Regards, Rob Lowe – Crazy Dave (I hope he meant “chick magnet,” and the answer is a trade secret!)]

[Martha and Abby Williams; Danielle and Sue Justice]

It was a Thursday night – date night at SAWA.  A lovely evening – the completion of a lovely week for golf before the spring pattern of crappy weekends began yesterday.  High school classmate, Sara (Smith) Sevey, and her husband Jim had recently begun their first year as full-time Alex summer residents and appear to have good SAWA potential.  Unfortunately (though she would probably say fortunately), Sara’s photo was out of focus – I think she moved on purpose.  Fortunately, the copious Obert film library contained the following yearbook photo from at least 46 years ago of the two of us (she sitting in front of the circled me with her comment) in Ms.Habstritt’s English class.  Jim, on the other, was just plain camera shy (though he reportedly enjoyed his first ventures into senior golf league).

Funky Gumbo Trio was performing – yes, a mostly college boy band – though on this night they were mostly a quintet, and in some instances a sextet.  This introduced music moms and their progeny into the equation.  As with the hockey players, we have been following the “careers” of Spencer Christensen and Sami Steidl since they were pups.  They both graduate from high school this year.  Their moms Jo and Marlys, respectively, were on hand as well.  Spencer has been playing guitar for Funky Gumbo this spring; and Sami, a viola wunderkind who plays with Spencer on occasion, was there as fan support.

[Funky Gumbo “Quintet,” with Spencer on guitar.]

[Funky Gumbo “Sextet,” when Joe Carucci w/ the BIG saxophone joined in.]

[From the Echo, Spencer w/ fellow seniors Marisa Eigen and Krista Jennissen.]

[Sami and Spencer]

[Jo, Echo Press columnist and this site’s contact with the 4th estate.]

After two jazz sets, Funky Gumbo got down, got funky.  Abby and Martha and Sara and Jim had called it an evening – Danielle and Sue moved over to our table giving me the opportunity to model Danielle’s peace-symbol necklace.  And the following one-minute video wrapped up a totally awesome maudlin evening:

p.s.  The supervisor reminds that Play for P.I.N.K. is coming up at the AGC on June 21 (for men) and 22 (for women).  Can you find her?

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