“The best thing about freshmen is that they become sophomores.”

– Al McGuire

[Lauren Trumm excels in the “tools of ignorance.”  (Nothing personal, LT.)  😉 ]

Before we begin, kudos to the Cardinal boys and girls track teams and the boys golf team for winning conference titles while the girls golf team finished a close 3rd.  All should be in the “running” when state-wide tournament play begins.  It’s amazing to this reporter how Alex continues to dominate the conference in titles.  I thought it may have something to do with the Super Fans – but I have to admit, it started well before then.

[Joie Warnes winning the 110-meter hurdles (photo borrowed from the Echo).]

The youthful girls’ softball team had an excellent season as well.  And since coverage is all about location, location, location (i.e., they had home field), we went to the section opening game against Big Lake.  The Cards are a freshmen dominated team – and, unfortunately, on this day they played like it.  Our two freshmen hurlers, Taylor Ellingson and Emily Kuennen, had a difficult time finding the strike zone – after 13 walks and many wild pitches, LT was grateful for every piece of protective catcher’s equipment.  They will get better.  With an infield composed of two freshmen and two sophomores and a freshman centerfielder, we really can say wait till next year.

Lead-off hitter, sophomore shortstop, Danielle Carlson (and hockey forward), had two hits.  Sophomore second baseman, Jess Syvrud (and basketball point guard), had a double and a triple.  LT (and all-state basketball player), the old biddy as a junior, had a triple.  Freshman 3rd baseman, Sarah Bruzek (and basketball player), had a solid all-around game.  This is a team that will only get better.  Oh, Big Lake won, 14 – 8.  (Super Fan Dusty and I have to admit to leaving the game early – with that many walks and runs, it was taking a loonnnggggggg time.)

For the 2nd season in a row, the weather was not fan conducive.  This was only the 2nd game I’d seen all year – and the staff photographer admitted to similar limited attendance.  Thus, the photogaphs of the entire season are from this game only – from the both us!  See you again next year.


[Taylor Ellingson warming up with LT at bucolic Woodland Elementary field.  Also in photos (l-r) are junior leftfielder, Quinn Kragenbring (and hockey player); sophomore shortstop, Danielle Carlson; freshman centerfielder, Amanda Christianson (and basketball player); and sophomore 2nd baseman, Jess Syvrud.  A chain-link fence is fan friendly; they are not photo friendly.]

[LT at the bat.]

[Amanda at the bat.]

And now for some action photos by the staff photographer:

[Taylor Ellingson on the mound (errr, flat?)]

[Emily Kuennen (I think?)]

[Taylor, Jess, and Sam Brown]

[Jess and Sam]



[Hal “Buzz” Miller, Alex class of ’66 (just a kid!), on the PA system.  Memorable 1/2 inning re-cap by Buzz that explained the game:  For Big Lake, 5 runs on 2 hits . . .]

And, finally, in keeping with our sports theme, we would like to introduce you to the latest inductee into the SW Beautiful Lake Darling Hall of Indifference.  He has, within his last week’s worth of trips to the gym, had free throw runs of 30, 31, and 33  (OK, Dirk Nowitzki made something like 60 of 62 in the Thunder series), thus belying the old adage that he is an “old adage.”  (Photos taken by “Limpy” Annen after we smuggled the camera into the gym under the promise we would not take it into the lockerroom (perish the thought!).):


This just in:  In keeping with this spring’s (?) weather patterns, the first day of Memorial Day weekends Awake the Lakes Festival has been rained out.  😦  [Next day update:  Apparently there was a good crowd for the rib-fest last night in spite of the rain.]

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