Back to the Present

[Happy 70th, Mr. Dylan.]

[Editor’s note: We have spent the last several missives wallowing in the past. (People actually admitted to reading them?) Poe once said indulging in excessive nostalgia turns one into 3-week old rhubarb. Actually, Poe never said that (though in later life he went mad texting and tweeting). I made it up. The following is not made up . . . as I recall(?).]

May 24, 2011: The supervisor made a visit to the lakeshore today. In keeping with her Indiana family’s genetic code, she discovered a morel mushroom down there – a beautiful morel mushroom (as well as some wild asparagus). You may recall from our last Indiana visit, the Callecod family was going crazy finding morels. Morels go for $30-40.00 a pound – they’re worth looking for! [Q: Why was the morel the hit of the party? A: Because he was a “fun-guy!” Bada-bing!]

Meanwhile, May 20, 2011: The day before the end of the world. Lisa Lynn was performing at Bug-A-Boo Bay. It was our first visit there since the re-opening. Harmon Killebrew’s funeral was being re-broadcast on the background TV. What a confluence of events. Lisa will perform here and at SAWA again this summer.

May 21, 2011: The world almost ended – captured by this reporter’s trustee Elph. The “end” of the world has since been moved to October. Buck up, kiddees! At least now we can make it through the golf season.

May 22, 2011: In celebration of the continuation of the world, we attended the Central Lakes Symphony Orchestra’s season ending performance at Carlos Creek Winery. This was a first. We did not know that CCW had turned the hippodrome into an event center. The stained concrete floors, permanent bar and bandstand, and big fireplace were all new to us. Another confluence of events. Really a nice place for such an event. We anticipate many more performances here as long as the world continues to exist. Jody (“You never take my picture”) Sundlee is featured twice and readily admitted she is one of the three string players not still in high school.

Sometime in May: Our prodigal traveling reporter, Rooogggggg, sent the following photos from Ft. Myers, where he recently purchased a winter hide-away. They are of the Minnesota Twins spring training facilities at Hammond Stadium. Unfortunately, the Twins suck.

Soon . . . ahead to the past.

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