Photos and Videos

 . . . you should see, just because they were taken by moi.  [Full moon rising over beautiful Lake Darling, May 16.]

Last night at Sixth Avenue Wine & Ale, the Salty Dogs (Erik Schultz on guitar, Bill Riggs on trumpet, and Tom Mulder on vocal cords) performed Hallelujah and Carrickfergus  – if you do not love these songs, you are a “poopie butt” (How’s that, Jo?)!:

Alexandria junior, Jamie “The Peeper” Piepenburg, winning the 1,600 (she’s the defending state champion in the event) at a tri-meet on May 17:

Ally “Tequila” Teclaw, a Super Fan favorite, making a great catch in 2009 (OK, it’s a photo from the Echo) – Ally is mentioned here as she is a new summer employee at the Alexandria Golf Club:


[Editor’s note:  All nicknames are courtesy of Super Fan, Bob “Weakie” Annen.]

At the confluence of Lakes Darling and Cowdry, the Darling side, taken last night:

Joie Warnes winning the 110 meter hurdles on May 17 (today’s Echo reports that Joie has signed a letter of intent to compete for Jamestown College in track and soccer – congrats to her!):

Alli Haar running the anchor leg in the 4 x 100 on May 17:

Until we meet again:

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One Response to Photos and Videos

  1. Taryn says:

    I love those photos of my old stompin’ ground, Lake Darling by the creek. My parents owned the land down to the creek, from the A-frame. My dad also grew up there, his grandparents owned the little farm which is now a vacant lot where people park their cars to go tubing down the creek. Dad always warned us to stay away from the creek, don’t swim there, careful of the current and the drop-off. And added emphasis to his warnings with the story that once there was a man who stopped by there with his team of horses to water them, drove his wagon right into the shallows, but then got sucked down into the drop-off and the horses and driver all drowned. Would love to know if that really happened . . . But seeing the guys standing there in the exact same spot with their waders on makes me wonder.

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