What, Another Author?

[Editor’s note: Recognizing this began as a site to cover Cardinal athletics, it has sadly regressed to include such as vacation trips, wining and dining, music, plays, and . . . books. All things that hold at least partial interest for me (without whom you would not be bothered by this). And occasionally we venture back into the fog of time. This time, because of recent delvement (OK, a Sarah Palin-like created word – just adding to the language a’ la Mark Twain) into authors Kurt Vonnegut and Jess Lourey, we venture all the way back to April 16, 2010, and our encounter with Anna Quindlen (as reported at the time).]

There are very few things that will inspire me to make a day trip to the big cities – especially on the same day when Dan Mahar is performing at SAWA! But yesterday was such a day. Anna Quindlen was having a book signing at the Wayzata Community Church. She has been my favorite columnist for a long time – I wore a black arm band for weeks after she gave up her last page column in Newsweek to become a full-time novelist.

She was there to promote her new novel, Every Last One, before a packed house. She was very entertaining, as usual. During the Q&A, I asked her what the reaction was to her statement in Newsweek [April 14, 2008] – “there is only one reason to go to war . . . it is that you have a cause so great that it justifies asking people to sacrifice their children.” She said just the usual – the same people who have been calling her a Commie for 30 years, called her a Commie and told her to go back to where she came from. To which she would query, the suburbs of Philadelphia?

When Newsweek carried a Quindlen column, I would read the entire magazine – except for her.  I wanted to read her separately, later – like waiting to eat a good steak.

Ruthie requested she sign the book to “her biggest fan.” She smiled and thanked me. 🙂  [A high school classmate said I looked like I was blushing?]

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