[Happy Mother’s Day!]

This was going to be an ode to girls’ softball. Well, it still is – to a degree. The Cards were hosting their own invite tournament. Minneapolis Southwest, Maple Grove, and Eden Prairie were the guests. And surprise, contrary to some forecasts, it turned out to be a lovely day! 🙂  [Editor’s note:  The Card girls’ golf team won a major meet at Geneva golf course yesterday.  Jamie Piepenburg was named conference performer of the week after setting a new meet record in the 3,200 at the Hamline Elite Meet.  Regarding events in “Keeping TRACK,” Joie Warnes’ 110 meter hurdles time put her 8th on the Class AA honor roll; her triple jump moved her into 6th.  Rosey Erickson’s time in the 200 meter was the 2nd best in the state this year; her 100 meter time at the Hamline Elite Meet is the best in the state.  Piepenburg’s 800 meter just for fun run was the 7th best in the state.]

These were my first games of the year. I picked up a program on the way in and was amazed at how young our Cards are (the baby birds?) – freshmen are playing everywhere! Despite our youth, The Cards handled Southwest, 12 – 4, in the first game. Then they played state athletic juggernaut, Eden Prairie, who dispatched Maple Grove, for the championship. I hadn’t taken any photos during the first game as Val Trumm (daughter Lauren catches) assured that the staff photographer would soon be there. Greg arrived and soon discovered he had camera issues. I took out ole trusty, recently returned from a visit to the camera hospital, only to discover it had a dead battery. Chris Kragenbring ventured by, camera in tow, to take photos of daughter Quinn playing left field. She discovered her camera had issues! We were Oh-for-3! Shortly thereafter Quinn made a terrific running catch – and we have no photographic evidence! 😦

The Eden Prairie game was tied 1 – 1 after the prescribed 7 innings, so it was going into extra innings. I had to leave then (the Cards subsequently lost 5 – 2) because . . .

There was a Theatre L’Homme Dieu fundraiser at the golf club. The theme was the Kentucky Derby. We avoided mint juleps but made an attempt at appropriate attire. We assume it was a great success as “the joint was packed.”

[Ralph Tillitt (l) participating in the “Minnow Races.”]

Now to the subject title. We left the golf club to catch a new performer (at least to us) at SAWA. Lisa Lynn was advertised as a Carole King type – and indeed she was. We thoroughly enjoyed her performance. Upon entry, we were accosted by the proprietor, DiAnn Ness, who advised we had to hear Lisa’s Hallelujah.  Lisa graciously agreed to perform it again, and to be videoed, as we were calling it an evening. We thought it terrific:


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One Response to “Hallelujah”


    Absolutely love this song….we were lucky enough to hear the Canadian Tenors sing this last spring when they performed in Anoka as part of the area arts concerts. Don’t know why this song has such a lure but the gal in the video does an excellent job….I wanted to yell to the people in the background to be quiet! Bev

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