How I Spent My Spring Vacation, Part V

By Tommy Obert, 5th Grade

Dateline: Alexandria, Minnesota, April 10, 2011:

[Last night in Sarasota, in Rosie and Dick’s lovely neighborhood.]

We’ve been home for a few days now – time to catch up. I’m sure the valued readership has been wondering where we’ve been (or not). It got a bit hectic there for a while – and after 22 days on the road that included 10 different overnight stops, we needed decompression.

When last we left you, we were on the road to Washington, D.C. – the place where we lived and worked until they couldn’t stand us anymore. The trip up I-95 is always harrowing at best – at this time of year we also had to battle the largest large creature migration on the planet. The Americanus Motorhomi were heading north in vast numbers, often with their “offspring” in tow. They were headed to places with strange names such as Ontario, Quebec, New Hampshire, where they will graze on summertime ethanol until it’s time once again for the autumn southern migration.

Once in D.C., we did some touristing. Our first photo was of the Pentagon, where Ruthie worked for 14 years, on a drive-by; checked in at Roy’s place (our residence for the week); had lunch at the Italian Store (my all-time favorite for subs); and then went to Old Town Alexandria, to get a taste of “home.”


[The Italian Store (it’s always about food).]

So, the above is a generic overview of Old Town, including some of our favorite restaurants.  The following couple are of “219,” an old favorite, where Obert family members arrived from all over the globe for Uncle Tom’s 60th birthday, 15 years ago.

And then we went to the Astoria, where the supevisor and I met in 1988; visited old neighbor, Pearl Austin, whose 5th floor unit overlooked Ruthie’s patio below, as well as the Washington, D.C. mall and Rosslyn, which overlooks Roosevelt Island in the Potomac, and Georgetown University.

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