How I Spent My Spring Vacation, Part III

by Tommy Obert, 5th Grade

[Groucho, Dick, and the supervisor enjoy Sarasota’s farmers’ market.]

Dateline: Sarasota, March 27, 2011:

Rosie volunteers to help older people do their taxes.  Yes, there are older people in Florida.  So, it was a good time for the supervisor and I to head off to the Sarasota Folk Festival at Oscar Scherer State Park.  We jokingly said six months ago the folk festival was the reason for this trip.  After their last performance at Sixth Avenue Wine & Ale in Alex, Patchouli, i.e., Julie Patchouli and Bruce Hecksel, told us they planned to perform at the Sarasota Folk Festival at the end of March – so we, not really knowing at the time, said we’d see them there.  Yesterday was . . . “Surprise!”

Patchouli was the last of four performances we enjoyed – all acts doing a 40-minute set.  They had a full tent (the main stage) and received a standing ovation when they finished.  Their introducer noted that Julie is responsible for global warming because of the brightness and warmth of her perpetual smile.  And we’ll see them again before we know it – they’ll be back at Sixth Avenue Wine & Ale on April 14!  (As native Midwesterners themselves (on the St. Croix, just north of LaCrosse), they said Florida was already getting too hot for them.)

[First act.  Chuck Brodsky, funny singer-songwriter from Asheville, NC.  Baseball fan.  Did a song about Dock Ellis pitching a no-hitter while high on LSD (true story!).]

[Second act.  Juniper, nostalgic to see hippies again – floor length granny (peasant?) dresses with hair length past their whatzits.]

[Third act.  Larry Mangum, singer-songwriter from Florida.  We liked his music – looks like Burke Kiger.]

[Ruthie strolls the site; purchases another Patchouli CD.]

[Before we went “home,” we went back to Nokomis for more orange ice cream.]

The panic of the morning is sunblock stain.  We washed the supervisor’s white shorts this morning – they came out with the bottom half orange!  She read the sunblock tube, which in the smallest of print read, “May stain some materials.”  They’re soaking in bleach before we head out this morning.

Tomorrow morning we’re off to D.C. – we hope to arrive there Tuesday evening.  Until then . . .

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One Response to How I Spent My Spring Vacation, Part III

  1. Sue Elliott says:

    Gorgeous Photos!!!

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