There are really only two plays: ‘Romeo and Juliet,’ and put the darn ball in the basket. ~Abe Lemons

Mom loved basketball so much she even watched Timberwolves games (Dad hated basketball; called it “Thumpa, thumpa!”). Today is Mom’s birthday – she would have been 88. Maybe it was a subconscious inspiration.

I went to the gym this morning and began by shooting free throws, as I usually do. Was feeling it – had runs of 12, 13, and 17 in a row before I went up to the 2nd floor for my real exercising: walking, biking, stretching, and lifting. After working up a droplet of sweat, I decided I was done for the day and got ready to leave. I walked by the gym and thought – I’m hot today, let’s go see if I can get a big run.

I made 4 in a row, then missed, then I started making them again – 10 in a row, 15, 20, 25 . . . automatic, nothing even close to a miss – 30, 35, 36. Then I had a thought – NEVER THINK – I could get into the 50’s, this is so easy. That made me nervous, and I yipped attempt number 37 a tad left and it lipped out. A new world-record for someone whose previously claim to blog fame was fine dining.

I may never shoot another free throw. It seems unlikely I will ever approach that number again. I don’t have any recollections of ever getting into the 30’s even during my jock-filled youth. But it was fun while it lasted – and I hope an inspiration for our boys and girls basketball teams this week!  🙂

Kohler’s take on the Sartell game, from the Cardinal Connection:
Section Semi Finals
Alexandria 53 Sartell 43
The Cardinals advance to the Section Championship game with a big win over the Sabres on Saturday afternoon. The Cards just couldn’t settle into their rhythm for most of the first half going into the half trailing 23-18. We came out in the second half and found ourselves down by 9 right away. After a quick timeout, the Cards were reminded of the adjustments we needed to make to be successful… and the energy, defense, transition game, and confidence came back like a Minnesota blizzard! The Cards cranked up the pressure in the full court, flexed our muscle on the boards and in the half court sets to proceed to pour in 35 second half points while holding the Sabres to 20. Balance was key again, as Sam Trumm pounded in 16 hard fought points, and Alli Haar and Lauren Trumm each hit double figures with 14. Haarsy continues to find a way to corral any rebound in the same time zone as her as she hauled in 15 boards, while Samboni gathered in 7. Cara Wood generated the Cardinal attack and shoveled out 6 assists and only 1 turnover against the Sabre pressure. The Cards only had 10 turnovers and forced 25 on the Sabres!! The Cards scored 28 points off Sartell turnovers. Sam Trumm had 7 huge steals as she denied the passes in the paint to the 6’5 Abby Whitney. What a great TEAM win for the Cards as we worked together to play Cardinal Basketball and advance to the Finals. The Cards up their season record to 23-3 and look to settle the score with the Fergus Falls Otters on Friday night, 6:00 at St. Johns University. Special thanks to the huge Alex crowd and the students in the band that helped push us to the finish line.

I saw Martha Williams at the gym this morning. She said Abby broke her arm in the last game of the season – she played the whole game, however, because she thought if it wasn’t broken, she would be considered a wuss. Girl hockey players are tough!

[I suspect Abby got this goal.]

[Good ole No. 3, all from the Bemidji State website.]

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