[From the Trumm files, the seniors:  Back, l-r – Alli Haar, Joie Warnes, Lauren Johnson; front, l-r: Brianna Ebert, Sam Trumm, Mo Eigen]

Column III, or physical dominance by the Cardinal girl basketballers. After the deer photos, it was off to the JHS gymnasium. It was senior night, the last game of the regular season, a game between two teams with 20-3 records – the Cards v. the Sartell Sabres. [Aside: The Cards apparently took a lot of Fergus in their previous game – the Otters subsequently lost to Hawley and last night beat St. Cloud Tech by one point on a shot at the last second.] Sartell won the first game – at their place, in OT, when again the Cards were plagued by foul trouble and Lauren Trumm fouled out in the 2nd half. This time the Cards came out with a vengeance.

The senior night pre-game video:

Then they broke up too soon for a group photo:

More from the Trumm files:

I think the game was decided on the opening tap. Sartell has a 6’5” center – and she can play. Sam got the jump on her. The Cards just ate them up defensively the whole game. I don’t think I’ve seen anything quite like it before. Sartell had 24 points with 3 ½ minutes left in the game – probably half of them on free throws. This is a 20-win team. The final score of 43-37 in no way indicates the difference between the teams – the Cards had an athletic edge at every position. Again, it seemed like a game the Cards should have had 80 points – but the basket continues to not be a friend when we shoot at it. The Cards dominated the boards against Fergus in the last game – the 1st time the tall Otters had been outrebounded all year. I haven’t seen the stats yet, but last night must have been similar to the Fergus game. I think Alli had 20 rebounds, and Sam was probably in double figures too. It was a night for our bigs. Lauren was in early foul trouble, as she was the first game against Sartell, and sat out a great deal. But we got good contributions from everybody on the defensive end. That’s where we have to win it from. The sections begin next Tuesday – we will be the 2nd seed and host a game. We are the best team in the section – now all we have to do is go out and prove it.

Video of the game’s beginning:

[Coach’s pre-game stop-and-chat.]

[Ruthie once danced with young Mr. Nelson, a highlight of her life!]

Big crowd last night – we sat with the McCoys and the Rileys. There was no room in our row when new Super Fan Al Grundei, fresh off his state hockey tournament appearance, arrived. We hope he was able to sit with Super Fans Hoymes and Halvorsons. After the game, we all were invited for root beer floats and cookies with the team.  We were joined there by basketball Super Fans Marlene Lorsung and Vivian Mattson.  The coaches toasted the players; the players toasted each other:

The team recognized in the school hallways:

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