In the absence of coverage by the mainstream media, I will step into the breach and select Lauren Trumm as player-of-the-game. The Cardinals 68-51 victory over Detroit Lakes last night could largely be attributed to Lauren’s ability to totally discombobulate the Lakers very good guards. The video at the start of the game opens with Lauren kicking a 50-yard field goal, thus setting the defensive tone for the game, and with Alli, who had a pretty nifty game herself, scoring the Cards’ first 7 points:


The supervisor must be impressed – she overcame her “hot gym” concerns* to appear at her 2nd-consecutive game. In fact, we were there so early the bleachers had yet to be put in place because of ongoing JV games. So, I wandered the halls of ole JHS, visiting with the staff photographer and Val to discuss game strategy and to try to figure out how I could cover both the girls hockey game in Detroit Lakes (against Fergus) and the girls basketball game at Fergus tomorrow [now, today]. Roger “One-in-a-Row” Riley was also there as he thoroughly enjoys Lauren’s kicking exhibitions.

Note to basketball parents: Please send a report of the game (absent a Cardinal Connection on the weekend, we have no other source). We assume KXRA will be doing the hockey game because it is the section final.

Meanwhile, back to the game. Reflecting a total lack of concern, I had not researched the Lakers prior to the game. Had I done so, I may have had slight pause. DL has had very good girls’ basketball teams recently, including state tournament teams, and I hadn’t realized that they had beaten Fergus [more on them following] last week. It turned out they have a very good shooting team, with decent size and athletic ability. But with Lauren harassing their guards all night, and with the defense as a whole generally making life miserable for the Lakers, the only way we could tell is by their free-throw shooting. They got to the line a lot, because of our aggressiveness, and it seemed like they all always made both shots. More than half their points in the first half had to be from the line.

Lauren, No. 43, from the Trumm files:

Nevertheless, the Cards, as usual, with good ball movement and scoring off their defense, opened up a 20+ point lead mid-way through the 2nd half. So once again, everybody on the team got playing time. The game wasn’t as close as the final score would indicate. As I recall Lauren and Alli led the way with 18 and 15 points, respectively, without playing a whole lot in the 2nd half.

[Ho-hum, another win.]

Memorable moment:  Jess Syvrud is the sophomore point guard for the JV team; then she sits on the end of the bench for the varsity games.  Last night she was the last of probably 15 players to get into the game – and got to play the last couple of minutes.  She was fouled – and, obviously nervous, missed both shots.  She was fouled again as the game wound down – and made both shots!  The starters in the bench were leaping in delight for her.  When the game ended, Cara went out and picked Jess up in a big bear hug.

So, now the fun begins. We play at Fergus tonight and host Sartell next Thursday. The last two regular season games of the year.  Fergus is 15-1 (19-2 overall) in the conference; Alex is 14-2 (20-2 overall) in the conference; and Sartell is 13-2 (18-3 overall) in the conference. Our two losses are to those teams, both very close games. Alex is currently ranked 4th in the state in class 3A.

We leave for Detroit Lakes this afternoon. The supervisor will, no doubt, stock the car with blankets and enough food to last a week.  Our farthest adventure from Alex the last two months has been to Miltona.

[Not a Cardinal cheerleader.]

[* As it turns out, that wasn’t the supervisor’s only concern. Winter returned with a vengeance yesterday afternoon blown in on 40 mph winds. When we got home from the game last night, she “barricaded” the front door so it wouldn’t be blown in. I had to go out through the garage to get the paper this morning – the winds howled all night and the temperature again reflects the time of year.]

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  1. Bob says:

    Will listen to the game tonite.Keep those Otter fans under control.

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