Two Big Wins . . . and Funky Gumbo

First stop – the Senior Center for a chili feed, a fundraiser for the library to purchase big print books. The supervisor was slightly distracted there by the existence of a silent auction. Then it was on to Sixth Avenue Wine & Ale for the usual Thursday date night – except I had to go on to the girls’ basketball game against St. Cloud Apollo. The supervisor chose to stay at SAWA for a night with Funky Gumbo Trio where she was to be joined by Sue “Scoop” Justice – we did not know if Teddy Hockey would be there or not as the Cards boys’ hockey team was hosting Sauk Rapids at the RCC. I advised the supervisor as I left that I would probably back early as I did not expect a close game.

I arrived at the JHS gym to find Robo seated with Martin Haar. I believe this was his first appearance of the season for girls’ basketball. The Rogosheskes have a tendency to take winter trips, and we had lost track of them again. Their latest adventure, from which they had just returned, was a hunting trip to Kansas. He was interested to see what all the hoopla was about. Roger Riley soon joined us, as did Mike Scarborough. As a prelude to commencement of game activities, we staged a membership meeting of the Alexandria Golf Club. I videoed the player introductions and the first five minutes of the game:

Not unexpectedly, the Cards built a big lead by halftime.  Lauren had 20 points, more than the entire Eagles team.  Though the rest of the team was slightly off-kilter offensively (though Cara started the game by hitting two 3’s), the defense was as impressive as ever.  My main concern during the first half was there was no sign of the staff photographer (he and Val eventually arrived halfway through the half), and my Elph isn’t up to quality action photos.  By the first break in the 2nd half, the Cards had a 42-14 lead so I bade my adieu to the boys and headed back to SAWA.  The final score was 57-23, improving their record to 17-2.  I listened to the boys’ hockey game on the way back to SAWA – they had a 3-0 lead at the time and went on to an impressive 5-0 win.

[My one effort at still photography last night – Joie at the free throw line.] 

SAWA was rockin’.  I fought my way to our table where Ruthie was hosting “Scoop” and “Teddy Hockey” (who worked outside all day and the thought of then going to the “cold” boys’ hockey game was too much), and “Dangerous” Dan.  Funky Gumbo Trio (tonight a quintet, sometimes a quartet) was jamming to the delight of all.  Drummer Bill Engebretson leads the group that is usually composed of students from the University of Minnesota, Morris.  Sometimes the group will include a guitar and a bass; sometimes a keyboard and a saxophone; tonight Bill brought an entire ensemble that included, for the first time, Alexandria high schooler, Spencer Christensen, on guitar.  Spencer’s proud parents, Brad, and Jo Colvin were there.  Jo, crack Echo Press columnist, had an entire table full of Spencer groupies next to us – she said Spencer had lengthy auditions with the group and then two 6-hour rehearsals to prove his mettle.  So, the “trio” had Mike Gill on sax, Luke Skrove on trumpet, Craig Sandberg on bass, Bill on drums, and Spencer on guitar:

[Proud mom.]

[Dangerous Dan and “Scoop.”]

This morning we received an e-mail from Marnee’ Herd forwarding the following photo of Verd Anez’s funeral from the Hanowski family (a family name synonymous with hockey in Little Falls).   Last night Michelle played her first game for Wisconsin-River Falls since her dad’s death – she scored a goal, was +3 for the night, as the Falcons improved their undefeated season record to 18-0-3.

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