So, you think you’re a sports fan?

[This started as an e-mail to his burgeoning legion of fans – but the scope grew too large. For the complete story visit “Basketball Dan” elsewhere in this site.]

This is beyond stupifying. I can’t believe there’s anybody else even close to this “level of achievement.” Of every major sports venue in the country, Basketball Dan has now seen a game EVERYWHERE, except for Division 1 basketball at Mississippi Valley State, where his effort at completing such was snowed out in January. The attachment is his complete list! Long live the King! All I can say is . . . well, I don’t think he’s seen a girls’ hockey game in Fergus yet!

[Addendem II to my blog story of him, by e-mail dated February 2, 2011, from The Great One – the list is complete: I’m glad you sent the follow-up message . . . I have indeed hit a stadium for each baseball, football, and basketball pro team. However, there are a few new facilities that I haven’t been to:
Have Attended – Have Not
Foxboro Stadium – Gillette Stadium
Texas Stadium – Jerry Jones Palace
Shea Stadium – Citi Field (but will get at this year’s US Open Tennis)
The Met, Metrodome – Target Field

And there are a few new college basketball facilities: at Louisville, Gonzaga, Texas Tech, Oregon (I’ll get that in a couple weeks), Quinnipiac, St. Joe’s (I’ll get at end of Feb) built since I was there last and a few more under construction: Texas Arlington, Bowling Green, Troy, Nebraska, that I know of.]

Just today, a new missive: Will there be a ‘summer’?….I jokingly told someone I was hoping for “high 40’s” this weekend in Houston…but no, their forecast is for 2-5 inches of snow this afternoon through tomorrow morning, and rolling blackouts following the freezing rain. Campuses at Rice and Tx Southern have closed till Saturday noon !!

He has tried hard to maintain his anonymity, for reasons of his own.  However, through the years he has been sighted by paparazzi at various locations throughout the country.  The following are but a few examples:

[The John Hancock Building, Chicago, 1973.]

[Memorial Stadium, Gopher football, 1975.]

[Camping at Zion National Park, 1983.]

[Angels’ Landing trail, Zion National Park, 1983.]

[Bryce Canyon, 1983.]

[San Juan Islands ferry, 1984.]

[Yosemite, 1988.]

[Sequioas, 1988.  I believe he’s giving the “We’re No. 1” hand gesture.]

[Lost Lake, Oregon, 1985.]

And finally, the list: arenas&stadiums


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