The Redoubtable Ms. Haar

But first, a weather report. Here are the snowdunes of beautiful Lake Darling. I don’t recall a winter in which the B-B-Q pit completely disappeared. The supervisor will have to wade through waist-deep snow to feed her birdies!

And to show it’s not just a local issue, here’s a note and photos from the kids today from their place in Noblesville, Indiana, a northern suburb of Indianapolis:

Well, we have survived the first wave of the storm.  Jami made it home last night, and we chipped about 1/2″ of ice off her car before we put it in the garage.  She is working from home today and Tom had his classes cancelled last night (I expect the same for tomorrow-Wed.).  We have a pot of beans slow cooking on the stove today in preparation for a potential power outage this evening.
I took some photos as I went out for the mail.  Although this looks like snow it is actually frozen rain at about 1″ deep.  It began about 4 p.m. yesterday and was still going at 1:00 a.m. when I went to bed.  This is entirely solid, just like walking across an ice rink.  The PT has about 1/4″ of ice on the sides and probably 1/2″+ on the roof – it is completely frozen and it is raining again, light drizzle that freezes instantly and hurts a little when it strikes an uncovered bald head. [Danny has the same hair style as this reporter.]
The bad news is that this was the light icing, the big storm is coming in this evening with another 1″+ of ice and 3″ of snow predicted for this area along with 30+ m.p.h. winds (power outage expected).  We are stocked up on supplies as the temp is in the single digits on the backside of the storm.
Danny, Jami & Tom

Now, where were we?  Oh yes, Ms. Haar.  We figured since the ebullient one is currently on the injured reserve it would be a fine time to feature her from the Trumm files.  Alli wears her emotions on her sleeve and that’s what makes her so fun.  She’s on crutches now from a high ankle sprain sustained in the Brainerd game last week – and she will miss the game at Sauk Rapids tonight.  But she says she wants to be ready for the game on Friday when we host Willmar – I hope that’s not pushing it.  We definitely need her to be healthy if we’re going to make a post-season push.

[With Whitney during the Tech game.]

[Another scout for the “U” peaks in the door.]

[A scout from UConn peaks in the door.]

And finally, to add insult to injury, Brother Cam’s buddy since childhood, Rog Tweed, e-mailed these photos from his Maui hotel window as I was in composition:

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One Response to The Redoubtable Ms. Haar

  1. Julie Warnes says:

    Thank you Tom and Ruth. I am enjoying every word you write 🙂


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