Carmen, Cara and Mo

A vaudeville team? A burlesque act? Sandwich names at the Carnegie Deli? Nope, an opera and the last two players-of-the-game. A busy weekend for the cub reporter ended with a performance of Bizet’s Carmen at JHS yesterday.

The performance, sponsored by Alexandria Public School’s Community Education, featured the Central Lakes Symphony Orchestra, four soloists from The Minnesota Opera, the Jefferson High School Chamber Singers, the Jefferson High School Readers, and a cast of thousands from the middle and area elementary schools. Demand for tickets was such that street scalpers were asking thousands of dollars for front row seats.

So, before a packed house, the performers dazzled the audience with . . . opera! Not your usual winter’s fare in Alexandria, but a reminder of what can be. And maybe later in this decade we can enjoy such performances in the comfort of a new performing arts center. We’ll keep our fingers crossed!

The attraction for opera, of course, as noted by noted devotee’, Tony Randall, is that it is . . . well, the polite term would be risque’. And that Carmen, she was such a . . . well, the polite term would be flirt. 😉

Now for a complete change of direction. Since the staff photographer was so proficient in film development this weekend, we feature his specialty – get to know your Cardinals through his up close and personal player-of –the-game editions. From the St. Cloud Tech game, 5’9” junior point guard, Cara Wood. I was at the game and didn’t realize until I heard the re-cap that Cara had played the entire game. That alone made her worthy of the award. As I mentioned in the game report, both teams appeared exhausted at the end of the game. The Cards play a zone-trap defense; the Tigers played a full-court press defense the whole game. Cara had to dribble up court against pressure all night. With the injury absence of Alli Haar, and with Lauren Trumm in foul trouble, Cara had to play both at the back of the 1-3-1 zone (her usual position), where she has both defensive and rebounding responsibilities, or at the front of the zone (in Lauren’s absence) where the job is to harass the ball-handlers. She is the calming influence on a team that thrives on exuberance. [These photos also give Mr. Harris well-deserved face time!]

Mo Eigen, 5′ senior guard, player-of-the-game at Brainerd.  I would love to see Mo get more playing time, but it’s a numbers game.  The coach tries to get playing time for all the players, and in games such as this one, she is able to do so.

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