Pre-game at the Winery

It would remain below zero all day, but it was beautiful out there! The supervisor had been housebound all week battling a cold and was antsy to get out of the house for a while. As a prelude to the big girls hockey game against Fargo South that evening, she decided that an afternoon at the winery would test her mettle (caution: only have your mettle tested under the guidance of a qualified physician!).

Matt Veline was playing at CCW, and we enjoy him immensely. Although he was a professional musician for some time (and full-time nephew of Bobby Vee), he said he now only performs about three times a month. He likes that just fine because he was happy to get off the road. He has settled into the Alex area (from Fargo), and he loves playing at the winery because it’s only five miles from home. The winery had a pretty good crowd during the two hours we were there – what we didn’t understand, as people who are close personal friends with everybody within a 10-mile radius of downtown Alex, is why we didn’t see a single person we knew? Anyway, here’s a video of Matt performing Bob Dylan’s Simple Twist of Fate:

When we left, I, of course, had to shoot a roll of film in the winter wonderland. Regulars and out-of-town guests will recognize the CCW pickup and the performing arts area pergola, now up to their whatzits in snow. Ruthie had to visit the doggies – the winery has dogsled rides on Saturday afternoons, $30.00 for a 30-minute ride and they are so popular you have to make reservations. The time spent outside in below zero temps must have taken its toll – Ruthie decided going to the hockey game would be pushing it.

Aaaaah, the beauty that is winter!

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One Response to Pre-game at the Winery

  1. Taryn says:

    We were pulling into the winery parking lot just as you were leaving. The photos are great, and the last one with the mittens made both Chuck and I laugh out loud. It was 20.9 below last night at Lake Ida. Now for a big warmup I hope.

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