Fargo South – 2, Alex – 0

The girls hockey team has been going through a spell where it’s been difficult to score goals. That happened in spades again last night. Despite otherwise playing very well against a team that’s ranked 2nd (so I heard?) in North Dakota, the Cards were unable to finish their scoring chances – and they had many. After the 1st two periods, the Cards held a 19 – 14 shots-on-goal advantage, and though not always the case, that did reflect the flow of the game. Still, the score was 0 – 0 after two periods. In the 3rd period, what seems lately like the inevitable happened – the Bruins scored on a shot from behind the net! Though the Cards later (as well as earlier) in the game, had break-aways on the Bruins goalie, they were unable to cash them in. The Bruins scored again late in the game on a good shot. Stephanie Drown had a good game in goal, but the 3rd period again was the team’s undoing. There is only one more home game before section tournament play begins – senior night next Saturday against Bemidji.

The Super Fans were represented by Robo, Dusty, Roger, and, of course, Teddy and Jerry Hockey. Karen Meuwissen was there at the start from the “eating machines” family, but noted that Ryan (an eating machine) was home sick and she may not be able to stay the whole game – sure enough, she got a call early in the game and had to leave. Roger again sang the National Anthem and did a great job. But he kinda snuck it up on us and was performing it before I could even think of making a video. Accordingly, I have resurrected a video of he and Dusty singing the anthem at the Bemidji game in January 2009. And a video of the last night’s game during a stretch in the 2nd period:

Roger missed the 1st half of the season recuperating from knee replacement surgery and has yet to see the team win. He, thus, may be the problem! On the positive side of the Riley family, Roger and Barb’s grandson, Aaron Rooney, is the 3rd-ranked diver in the state, and Roger told us he recently broke a pool (St. Cloud?) scoring record by more than 50 points!


As we go to press, the mainstream media has yet to report any scores on last night’s boys’ and girls’ basketball games?

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