Of Chili and Bison Burgers

Last night was the fundraiser for the girls’ hockey team at the Eagles’ Club. In keeping with tradition (a tradition that must be almost a decade long now), bison burgers and chili were delightfully served up by the JV’s (the varsity may have subbed later, but by then the Super Fans had moved up to the penthouse for adult beverages). Our arrival in the food line was mindful of a past fundraiser when Super Fan Annen had the audacity to ask the JV servers where the “stars” were – he was properly rebuffed by a probable 8th-grader who responded they were all stars and the equivalent of “No soup for you!”  [It should be noted that as part of their pre-season dry land training, the players are responsible for rounding up the bison, armed only with hockey sticks and, in the case of goalies, a little extra padding.]

With a fresh coating of white on a daily basis, we have decided the Christmas season is not over. As we were getting ready to leave, we captured fisher guys out front through another snowfall that was limiting visibility. And before we could leave, as always, we had to shovel the slab. The snow bank on the side of the driveway is now of such weight that our house has moved two feet closer to Dangerous Dan’s house!

So, here we are. Ruthie made a beeline to the silent auction tables. Then enjoyed her bison burger. Sara Illies, mom to varsity players Claire and Becca, “manned” the ticket table with youngest daughter, Kaia, who proved to be camera shy and exited stage left. We made it home on snow-covered roads where Ruthie displayed this year’s take.

People thought I was spoofing when I said we had to rent a U-Haul to get Ruthie’s haul home in 2008. Below is the photographic evidence.

We had planned to go the boys’ basketball game after the fundraiser, but we pooped out. The Cards were playing undefeated St. Cloud Apollo. We listened a bit to the game on the way home – the Eagles had a large lead at the half. And a good part of the reason was their front line at 6’9”, 6’7”, and 6’5” with another 6’5” guy off the bench – that’s college team size – the Cards’ tallest player is 6’4”. The Cards came back some in the 2nd-half but fell to the 1st-place Eagles, 74-58.

Big game tonight for the girl roundballers as they put their perfect record on the line hosting the once defeated Fergus Falls Otters.  In alumni news, Angela Christianson was the leading scorer for Drake, with 14 points, in their 68-64 win over Bradley.

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