CARDS – 74, Spuds – 56

The staff photographer went all the way to Moorhead, came home that same night (I assume) – on a route that is deterring a basketball adventure to UND with Basketball Dan this weekend – and had the photos posted by morning. Accordingly, I feel a certain obligation to display them.

We learned from the Moorhead paper this morning that the Cards had great scoring balance again, with four players in double figures and Lauren Trumm, the team’s leading scorer, had 9. We subsequently learned from Coach Kohler’s Cardinal Connection report that Lauren took a shoe to the noggin, requiring stitches, and didn’t play in the 2nd half. Lauren said she is fine and will be ready to go next game.

The Cards started in a hurry as they are wont to do and had the Spuds down 25-5 early on. The lead reached 32. It appears the “depth” got a lot of chances to play and the photographer featured them here.


[Joie says, “Hi, Spud!”]

[Last year, Hockey Mom Justice inquired of me the purpose of the cardinal on the players’ . . . er, posteriors.  My only thought was that if a rebounder forgot what color jerseys the team was wearing that night, she could still execute an outlet pass.]

[Staff photographer joins the huddle.]

[Sam wins another opening tip; Grandma and Grandpa are happy.]

[Point guard Cara attacks a press.]

[Lauren exercises her soccer goaltending abilities at the point of the 1-3-1 zone trap.]

[“Good job guys!”]

[Brianna Ebert (No. 11), 5’8″ senior – 1st guard of “depth.”  “Just put that alley-oop pass just a little higher for Joie next time.”]

[R-E-B-O-U-N-D!  Sam, Whitney, Joie, and Alli, with the double-reverse judo pivot move.]

[Lauren Johnson (No. 45), 5’9″ senior front court “depth” – granddaugher of Helen and Manley.]

Fun facts about the school, gleaned from sitting next to a school board member last night:  Jefferson High School was built for $1 million almost 60 years ago (a new floor was put in the gym about 10 years ago for $250,000) – the proposed new high school will cost $60 milllion, give or take a few.  Meaning the cost of building high schools goes up about a $1 million a year.

The supervisor moved me to the basement this morning – the ladies were here for bridge.  So, while I was thus able to use my time for this purpose, I’m not sure if I’m done here yet (lots more photos).  But now I’m obliged to escort “she who must be obeyed” to the senior citizens matinee movie.  [Editor’s note:  This may not be the appropriate place for this, but what the heck.  Ruthie forced me to see the lastest Fokkers.  I think it was probably best of a limited menu.  But it was a matinee – targeting we seniors.  An event that takes place on the second Wednesday of each month @ 1:30.  We arrived at 1:20.  The parking lot was absolutely full, despite the minus 3 temperature.  Inside, the lines serpentined everywhere – every old person in Alex was there.  In fact, I believe they emptied the nursing homes. All movies were $4.00, and pop and popcorn were each $1.00 – seniors know bargains.  I overheard the couples in front of and behind me – neither had been to this theater before.  One guy said the last movie he saw was Rain Man (that was in 1988, lest you forgot).  When the movie ended, all we old guys “sprinted” to the men’s room – that $1.00 pop, you know.  When I entered I thought I’d stumbled into a tuba concert – you figure it out.  I tried to get out as soon as I could before totally convulsing in laughter!]

[A scout from the “U” peaks in the door?]


[A happy Spud while Joie shoots.]

[Coach says . . .]

On the 15th we play Fergus, on the 18th we play Sartell.  They are THE competition.  Hold my calls!

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  1. Terry Lang says:

    I remember when we all played in the gym at Central when it was still a high school. We played an end of the year “BIG GAME” against Washington when I went to Lincoln, 4th grade vs 4th, 5th vs 5th, and 6th vs 6th. I remember that there was a benefit game at the new Jefferson gym before the school opened when the Minneapolis Lakers professional basketball team came and played against the teachers. That had to be sometime in early 1960 and I think it was the last game that my Dad broadcast for KXRA.

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