Sam, Player of the Game

Sam Trumm was named player of the game against Apollo last night. Through the wonders of modern technology, I was able to listen to a re-broadcast of the game on the internet this morning (as noted in the previous article, we were otherwise engaged last night). Sam led the Cards in scoring with 20, sister Lauren had 19, and everyone else was nicely balanced between 4 and 9 points. Apollo played a 2-3 zone most of the game, packed way back to defend our inside game. And it worked pretty well because we just aren’t comfortable trying to score from the outside. But as time was winding down, Apollo had to switch to a man-to-man to try close the gap – bad idea, the Cards scored the game’s last 17 points.

The Cards are now 8-0 overall, 6-0 in the conference, with 4 of those conference games road wins. They have two more road games before they come home against Fergus next weekend. The future is looking pretty good as well. The 9th-grade team also won last night, going to 6-0 for season, and Bud Bruzek’s last progeny, “Baby Bruiser” had 12 points. The JV won also and are now 5-2 – Angela Christianson’s sister Amanda (a 9th-grader) had 18 points.

As previously reported, Teddy and Jerry Hockey missed the last hockey game because they were on a snowmobile trip – to Brainerd! I can’t imagine even attempting such a venture. As I recall, they said it’s about a 7-hour trip one-way, overnight up there, and then return back to Alex the next day. Ted said he could have taken 1,000 photos on the trip – driving through beautiful snow-covered evergreens all along the way.

In other news:  Chris Kragenbring reported at the gym this morning that daughter Kalley (No. 10, with mom and sister Quinn (No. 20)) is on crutches.  It took an astute observer, i.e., another hockey mom, to notice that Kalley missed shifts in the 3rd period of the last game.  Her knee is swollen, and the diagnosis is a bad bruise.  She did not go with the team to Detroit Lakes today but hopes to be ready for the Fergus game next week.

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